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How to grow your Instagram account - 12 super simple hacks (updated 2024)!

When I started using Instagram   a few years back, I wasn’t quite sure of what to do with it. I started small like we all do, and slowly and gradually grew as the entire community grew. I was never featured by Instagram (that helps you grow faaasst and is also a huge morale booster), so my growth was purely organic. Of course, in my journey over the past few years on the platform, I learnt quite a few things - hacks, as I call them - and this post is all about sharing those with everyone else. Instagram, after all, is all about community :) How to grow your Instagram account? I also recently made a video on my YouTube channel on how you can use Reels to grow tremendously on Instagram. You can watch it here: Before I move ahead, let me start with an assumption that you are reading this article because you are not just a hobby Instagrammer, but actually want to grow (a lot) on the platform, and maybe even make a living through it. I also hope that you understand that it’s not e

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