Located just outside the Saxon city of Dresden, Bastei rock formations have enthralled travellers for over 200 years now. And the prime attraction within the mountain formations is Bastei Bridge - a sandstone bridge which connects these beautiful formations and gives some fantastic views to the mountains around and Elba river below.

trek to bastei bridge saxony germany blog
Bastei Bridge

However, the history of the Bastei goes back much longer. The Rock formation was first identified in 1592, though it was much later in the early nineteenth century that it started to become a popular destination for the tourists. Very soon huts came up selling food and beverages to the tired visitors. Early on a wooden bridge was built, which was later replaced by the current sandstone one. Steps were also built to access it more easily, especially in the last part of the trek.

This part of mountains is also called Saxon Switzerland (Bohemian Switzerland on the Czech side).

My trip to Bastei

Bastei was not even a part of my original Saxony itinerary, but that was certainly not a reason to skip it. So the day I landed, I left my bag at the hotel and started for the mountains without taking any rest. My friend told me how to buy the ticket, where to get off, and I took off! It was winters, so the day would get over quickly, and so I was pretty much racing against time.

trek to bastei bridge saxony germany blog
Train to Bastei Bridge

So I took the train, and after quite a bit of challenges, and a short boat ride, I was ready to start my trek! Quite intelligently, I had taken my tripod also with me, but it became a pain to climb up the rocks with it. The hike isn't much, but it easily takes about 45 minutes, so it's recommended that you take water and maybe something to much on as well.

trek to bastei bridge saxony germany blog
Sandstone formations at the National Park
trek to bastei bridge saxony germany blog
A couple enjoying the view...
trek to bastei bridge saxony germany blog
Hike to the bridge - lots of fall colors...

And finally when I reached the bridge, I was simply enthralled! This is the image of Saxony in my mind, and I was here - just a few hours after landing! The trip had started on an absolutely fantastic note :)

trek to bastei bridge saxony germany blog
Bastei Bridge at sunset

Keeping up with my passion of connecting with the locals and doing short interviews, I spoke to a few there and collected their dreams as well. Following are some of them :)



By the time I came down, it was pitch dark  and very very cold - remember this was December end in the mountains of Germany. I walked through the lovely town of Rathen and felt miserable that I wasn't spending my night here. Despite the cold I wasn't the only traveler, and there was also a Koren couple I chatted up with as we braved the cold and waited for the train. I hadn't yet taken a German number so had no clue when the next train would come, but it did come in a while and I happily sat in the train and enjoyed my ride in warmth.

trek to bastei bridge saxony germany blog
My train for the return journey....

Bastei beyond the Bridge

Even though the Bastei bridge is the most popular destination in the Saxon Switzerland National Park, there is much more to see and do there:
1. Rock climbing: It's something which has been developing at a great pace here. All the rocks are soft sandstone and it's generally hard to climb these, especially if you are used to some rock climbing before.
2. Boat ride to the mountains: It prefect to travel to the rocks on a boat from Dresden - more details below.
3. Trekking around in the hills: Bastei bridge is only a small part of the mountains and there are numerous hikes and trails all around. In fact, even from Rathen, you can either take a short walk (like I did) or take the longer and more beautiful hike across the forests.
4. Visit to Felsenburg Neurathen - the largest Rock castle of Saxony. It's mostly in ruins, but still worth a visit.

To reach Bastei from Dresden

Bastei rocks are located at a distance of 19 miles (30km) from capital of Saxony, Dresden. I traveled by train, but the more interesting way is to take a boat to the mountains in Elba river.

Train: Start from the Dresden central station, Dresden Hauptbahnhof and take a train towards a small village called Rathen. The journey takes about half and hour and there are about 11 stops. A one way trip trip costs Euro 13. Rathen in itself is a stunning little town full of lovely chalets and cafes and you can spend quite some time here itself, so it's worthwhile to spend sometime here before of after the hike. So get off at the station of Rathen and walk towards the river bank. There is no bridge connecting the two sides, and the only way is to take a ferry which are quite frequent. Once you are in the village the way to the Bastei bridge is quite straightforward and in 30-45 mins you will be on top.

rathen saxony germany blog
Town to Rathen from the ferry

The other option is to take the train S1 to Pirna and then a bus (#237) to Bastei directly. This is especially good if you are keen to see the Bastei but don't have the time to hike.

Boat: Take a boat directly from Dresden to Rathen or to Welhen. If you go to Rathen you can start the hike immediately, while from Welhan you will need to take another bus which will take you all the way to the top.

Self-drive: The third option is, of course, to simply rent a car (unless you have your own) and drive.

To eat at Bastei

There is Panoramic Restaurant which is called so because of the great views it offers. With a history of more than 200 years, the place surely does know how to keep the guests happy :)

river elba saxony germany blog
The majestic river Elba

I only took coffee there, but have been told that they have good stuff to eat as well!

Practical tips

1. Carry water
2. Wear hiking shoes, at least
3. Keep a few hours to explore, there is much more beyond the bridge
4. The place is kids friendly. You can also take your pets along :)

trek to bastei bridge saxony germany blog
People enjoying the view from the rocks...


Disclaimer: I was in Germany on invitation of the German Tourism and Saxony Tourism. All views above are my own and based completely on my personal experiences.
Going to Norway seems like going back home, even though I have been there only once and never quite managed to explore the country much. But after more than a week of hectic travels, first to Copenhagen and later to UK, I am finally going to a city where I can unpack my suitcase and actually stretch my legs.

boarding flight to stavanger heathrow airport
Boarding my flight to Stavanger, Norway
busy terminal at heathrow airport
And the busy terminal at Heathrow before that...

My first visit to Stavanger was odd. Even though I spent more than a month there, I barely explored it much, and this time that will certainly change. Even as I will work during the days, I will use each evening to explore a new part of the city each day and try and make some good pictures too. And yes, talk to some locals as well :)

These thoughts cross my mind even as I sit right next to a beautiful Scandinavian woman who is also resolutely silent! I unintentionally looked at her book, and saw her reading through published medical papers. I want to tell her that this is also what I do often at work, but I let her stay focused on work.

boarding the flight heathrow airport
Look at that sky!

Something more fun is happening anyway in the aisle. Just a while back our air hostess opened a bottle of cola and splashed us all around her with its contents. As we licked our hands and faces with our tongue, I couldn't lick much as my hands are so hairy and hair is never tasty (even when soaked in cola, you can take my word for it), we promised ourselves not to drink anything that came out of that bottle (which was obviously only cola). As a sign of protest I took orange juice (or OJ as they used to call it in American sitcoms when I was younger), while others took more potent forms of alcohol to forget the regrettable incident. Life moves on.

How about food? Well, it was next to nothing and did nothing to my empty and growling stomach. Maybe I should have offered to lick some of that cola off some of my co-passengers, sugar can do wonders to your spirit. But it's disgusting and despicable to even think about it, not to mention actually writing it down. But then thoughts are thoughts and I am a shameless blogger who writes his heart out :p

By the way (or btw if this was a long message and not a blog post) I am quite thankful that Stavanger is located south of Norway, which means I don't have to travel much. Having spent the past few days in the world's biggest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas, the last thing on my mind was more commute. Yes it's fun to cross seas and oceans in the cradle of luxury, but sometimes it's just good not to move.

harmony of the seas first cruise
My last picture after my first ever cruise

Many of my colleagues are coming over to the airport to pick me up, and that makes me think of myself as someone rather special, which unfortunately I am not. But getting picked up at the airport is nice nevertheless. I look forward to food and sleep, and my room for the next few weeks. No matter what, I am sure I will like it, especially the bed.

And I also met some of my other generous friends in London just before boarding the flight. The meeting was short, but we made promises to meet once again. Well, some promises are meant to be broken while others are not. But then you don't usually know in advance how each promise fares in future. So Vaibhav (or majoor or bowbow as we called him in Nirma) and Savan (the brainiest of us all!!!), maybe I will see you again in London. Maybe soon, maybe never :)

meeting old nirma friends in london heathrow
With Savan and Vaibhav


This is part of my series 'Boring Travel Tales', where I will recount all the mundane things that happen when I am moving cities, countries and continents. Some of these could be inspiring, while others could be depressing as I have simply no control over who happens on these exciting (or not) trips :)
Streets of Barcelona are so full of life that it's absolutely impossible to ever get tired of them. Every time you step on these beautiful streets, you will see something new. I spent my first visit to the city almost completely on the streets and fell in love with it, and my love affair continued on my recent visit as well.

barcelona gothic quarter photography
Papa wondering whether to join in the fun :)

Check out some photo-stories from my past visit. They have a flavor very distinct from my recent visit. 

Here are some more images from the streets of the city, primarily from the Gothic Quarters - probably my favorite part of the city, not despite, but because of the people who come there :)

barcelona gothic quarter photography
As the sun beings to set, the smoke becomes beautiful...
barcelona gothic quarter photography
Cafe bars like these are perfect for afternoons...
barcelona gothic quarter photography
I love when I get lucky with light like this...
barcelona gothic quarter photography
Found this purely by chance - a dude on skates!

Oh and if you have time, do make it a point to see these streets from top, especially when the sun is setting. If Barcelona is a princess during the day, at night she becomes a glorious queen. Do check out my guide on evening photography in the city.

As we crossed one of the canals and Cansu stopped us in our tracks and showed us a bakery which apparently had the best cakes in the whole world - Lagkagehuset. Trish, Christy and I looked rather apprehensively at her, but Cansu wouldn't hear another word. In the next few minutes she described to us this 'best' cake of the world, and we were all hypnotized by her rather appetizing description. Over the next few hours we walked around the lovely Copenhagen neighborhoods, especially Christiania, which is where we also ate our dinner. But my mind was actually preoccupied with thoughts of this magical cake.

copenhagen street denmark boring travel tales
The street often seen on all Copenhagen postcards...
lagkagehuset copenhagen street denmark boring travel tales
The famous cake shop - Lagkagehuset
copenhagen street denmark boring travel tales
Walking trough one of the cool buildings of Christiania...

The next morning when I reached Copenhagen airport on way to London, this was the only thing I wanted. Fortunately I found the shop pretty easily, but had to go ahead empty handed as the 'best' cake comes to the shop, rather pompishly like the British monarchy, only at eight. I was given two options - wait for the monarch cake and miss the flight, or leave without eating the 'best' cake in the whole world. After going through quite a bit of internal anguish and external intense deliberations, I decided to visit Copenhagen another time to eat this nearly mythical cake.

cold and rainy copenhagen airport
Cold and raining Copenhagen in the morning...

With a boring Starbucks coffee and muffin in hand, I walked a long way in an almost empty airport and reached my boarding gate. It was warm inside (obviously), but rainy and cold outside, just like the past week. This was going to be my first visit to UK, but the flight was absolutely uneventful. I was happy to be offered a croissant as I was hungry again in the flight, but it turned out to be bacon croissant a colossal disaster as I didn't get any food till after noon that day.

I slept through most of this rather short flight (apart from the croissant-disaster-break) and didn't even speak a word to my neighbours. In fact no one around spoke any word to anyone else, and the only sound was that of the flight attendants.

beautiful sky over london airport
Lovely sky just before we landed in London...

Belying all expectations, Heathrow welcomed this hungry Indian guy with some lovely weather and hopes of food.


This is part of my series 'Boring Travel Tales', where I will recount all the mundane things that happen when I am moving through cities, countries and continents. Some of these could be inspiring, while others could be depressing as I have simply no control over who happens on these exciting (or not) trips :)
An island located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is known for its mountains, waterfalls and tropical rain-forests. It has had an intense political history, but it has managed to stay peaceful and beautiful through most of its existence. Fernando Samalot from Puerto Rico has been working on a personal project - One Island, One Journey, and has been capturing the hidden beauty of the island across each municipality. He is also the featured artist this week :)

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
The closer I get to you,
The closer I am to myself.
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
we're a single river flowing in two streams
and two souls sharing a single dream.
Ponce, Puerto Rico

So, who is Fernando?
My name is Fernando Samalot and I'm a 30 year old island dweller native to the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. I take pictures with my phone of the people I love in the island I love and then share all that love with the world. It makes me happy.

I'm currently immersed in a long term project called #OneIslandOneJourney where I am traveling around Puerto Rico with my girlfriend/videographer/editor/model/muse Bárbara Cruz, spending a week in every municipality (of which there are 78 in total) taking pictures as well as videos documenting the often unknown hidden beauties of our island paradise. I consider this journey in part to be the first phase of a lifelong project and ambition of mine to help create an infrastructure of sustainable eco-tourism in Puerto Rico. It's something I feel very passionately about and which I've turned into my lifestyle, living and breathing this project day in and day out.

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
Fernando Samlot
I grew up in a city called Guaynabo which is in the metropolitan area of the island. On weekends my parents would take us out to our family farm in the mountain town of Cidra where I have lots of memories of adventuring in the mountains, finding swimming holes and enjoying the outdoors. I think that's where I first started deepening my connection with the tropical nature of Puerto Rico.

Any inspirations in life?
There's too many to count. I'd say my entire 20's were a kind of epic "speed round" of growth experiences in all senses, from emotional to intellectual and spiritual. Everyone I've crossed paths with, from my romantic partners, childhood friends, teachers and guides have become a part of me.

There was a particular few years, from when I was 24 to 28 where everything really took off.

I was playing in a band called tachdé, which I had been with for 12 years. For the longest time I thought music would be my main art form and I was ready to dedicate my life to it. Then in 2013, the band decided to relocate to Los Angeles and, long story short, it didn't work out. I went there for 4 months and then ended up returning home. This was a big turning point in my life because for the first time I had a kind of "free pass" to re-invent myself and be whoever I wanted to be. This moment gave me an opportunity to work on other projects I had left behind like my own solo music project Samalot. Throughout all of this, photography started playing a bigger role in my life, becoming a kind of visual diary of all my growth process.

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
visual representation of my heart
whenever I'm with you.
Yauco, Puerto Rico

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
life is movement,
ever flowing, 
always changing.
grow with it.
Peñuelas, Puerto Rico

Afterwards, I came back home and moved out to the central mountain town of Utuado where I got to be a part of an agriculture community living project called Conuco Entre Panas. That was without a doubt the simplest and healthiest year of my life. It was living in those mountains and venturing out every day, a lot of times by myself, that photography started gaining an even deeper meaning in my life. It became a link between me, the nature that surrounded me, and everyone I shared it with. I started to feel very passionately about connecting with my island and sharing that love with others. That's when the idea of doing this full-time and around the entire island first came to me. This idea wouldn't take shape for a few more years though, as there was work to be done and I've always been one for living in the present.

Just as my time in Utuado came to an end, in the summer of 2014, my life took yet another 180 turn. I started an unexpected relationship that turned into the most beautiful partnership of my life, I moved back to the city, met an incredible group of photographers with who we started an ecological conservation movement called La Tribu Contribuye, started doing monthly river and beach cleanups, giving talks on conservation and dedicating most of my time to volunteer work. After about two years of doing that, finally in November of 2015, I decided it was time to start my journey and I've since been living in the dream I envisioned all those years ago.

What does photography mean to you?
My biggest inspiration is also my biggest love: my island, its people and it's sacred nature. My photography goes hand in hand with my relationship with Puerto Rico. It's all about discovering, connecting and sharing. I'd say that 98% of my pictures are unplanned and born in the moment. Only a few times have I had a concept in my mind and went out to bring it to life. Being on this particular journey I'm on, there is always somewhere new to photograph. There is so much beauty in the unknown, in getting lost, in discovering and connecting with yourself through nature. I've never thought of photography in a traditional or professional sense. It has always been something very personal and linked to my own process of connecting with myself and my place in the world. I've never even felt the need to give it a specific meaning as it's simply been an extension of my perception and appreciation, a treasure chest of memories and moments that have made me who I am.

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
I know you felt it too.
Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
time to wake up, my dear.
what do you dream about
when you're already living in one?
Guayanilla, Puerto Rico

Something I've seen happen for the last few months and that's been incredibly gratifying is that the people who are seeing and connecting with my work are the ones giving it meaning. I'll often receive such heartfelt feedback that explains my work so much better than I ever could. It's rewarding to feel that my message is getting across without ever having to even say it out loud. There's this one comment that really resonated with me and I'd love to share with you.

@the_world_asiseeit wrote commented on instagram:

"This image and its accompanying message are very moving. Puerto Rico is not just a "fun park". Our island, our land, is a living being. It is a complex system of delicate interactions. We should all follow the example of Fernando and Bárbara transmit in such a sublime way with every image. Allow that longing you feel to go and see these places with your own eyes become a pilgrimage into a deeper and spiritual understanding of who we are and the role we represent in this marvelous blue planet."
Puerto Rico is unknown to us. Tell us about your home :)
Puerto Rico to me is sacred island with a complicated history. To give you some context, our island Borikén, as the taíno people - natives to our island called it, is one of the last remaining colonies in the world.  It was first a Spanish one since Colombus "discovered" it in 1493 and was then handed over to the United States as spoils of war in 1898. This status has many times hindered our own evolution, keeping the island in a sort of political limbo preventing it from reaching it's full potential.

A tropical island with vast natural resources and some of the most fertile grounds on the planet, it's absurd to consider that we import over 75% of our food and that we haven't yet created a solid infrastructure of sustainable eco-tourism. I think this all goes back to not fully embracing what we are, a small tropical island. For many years the approach to "development" here has come in forms of huge tax breaks and incentives for multinational corporations to come to Puerto Rico and make a fortune without having to contribute any of it to the actual economic development of our island.  This combined with years of corrupt mismanagement has put us in a economic crisis that has been ongoing for the last 10 years.

Now, on the good stuff, since we really are so much more than that.

I can't think of another place in the world where you can wake up on top of a mountain, watching the sunrise over fog filled valleys, then in a single day bathe in a pristine river, explore a cave, drive through beautiful views and then still make it down to the coast in time to watch the sun set into the ocean. It's incredible to think that such a small island (only 100 x 35 miles across) is filled with so many incredible places! I mean, I've lived here for 30 years and have yet to see all of it myself. I hope to change that these next few years.

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
try embracing instead of resisting.
you'd be surprised how liberating it can be.
Maricao, Puerto Rico

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
I dreamt of you for the longest time,
and then suddenly
I'm here.
Lares, Puerto Rico

Traveling around the island, all I see is potential and possibility for growth and sustainable development.  All we really need is people joining together to work towards that. It's easy for me to remain hopeful about our future when I am seeing all this with my own eyes but I can understand how exhausting it can be facing a constant economic and humanitarian crisis for so long.  That's why I put so much of my love and energy into my work, so people can know the Puerto Rico I know firsthand. The sacredly beautiful tropical paradise I am grateful to call Home.

Travel tips for Puerto Rico

1. Rent a car. (Need one unfortunately)
2. Pick a town and drive aimlessly. The farther away from the metropolitan area, the better. Try the Central Mountains or the Coasts!
3. Get lost. No matter how lost you are you're always 20 minutes from a main road and it's going to be beautiful.
4. Connect with locals! Ask around. People here are incredibly nice and always willing to help.
5. Check out local instagram pages like @backpackingpr, @placespuertorico and @prturismoo. it's where most of the most awesome places are documented!
6. Find a cool local guide. There are only a few million of them.
7. Be humble and go with an open heart and you'll be surprised at all the magic you can find!

Tell us about your love life? :)
I am happy to say I am in a very healthy, adventurous, supportive, accepting and ever evolving relationship.

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
Your lips tasted like forever.
Lajas, Puerto Rico

First healthy one I've ever had, really.  It's interesting because all my life I kept attracting all these complicated and dramatic relationships which I later realized were only reflecting my own personal process. See, we tend to attract people that resonate with who we are at any given moment.  It wasn't after I spent a year single and living up in the mountains (again, healthiest year of my life haha), nurturing my own self love and focusing on my own healing that I became strong and positive enough to attract someone I could ACTUALLY HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH. True love really begins inside each one of us. I gotta say, it feels incredible, not needing someone to save you or complete you. You have everything you need within yourself and then you just get to share that, unconditionally with someone else.  I'm blessed to have found a partner I can explore that with and not just that, but to have the space and freedom to love and connect with everyone that comes into our lives on various different levels. Love keeps evolving and we're evolving with it.

And finally, what is your dream Fernando?
If I have one dream it's to see my island become what I know it can and to be able to contribute in some way to that.  I want to leave a legacy, you know? Something bigger than me.  I've never been too interested in recognition or being the protagonist of anything.  To me and my work, the protagonist is always Puerto Rico. If by taking pictures and speaking out I can add something to it then to me that is a gratifying life.

Oh, and, the healing and evolution of humankind, of course. The universe is pretty magical and mysterious! I can't wait to keep exploring it together.  I know we'll get to that eventually. In the meantime, I'll be doing my own little grain of salt of the work from my little island.

puerto rico hidden beauty instagram
you made me believe in magic again.
Manatí, Puerto Rico
Travellers come in all shapes and sizes, and all temperaments, I must add. And perhaps this is what makes journeys so interesting - it's never the same experience, and even the most banal trips result in new and unique (often banal) stories.

So I was on my first international flight out of Pune (otherwise it's usually Mumbai), and was more curious than excited about what would it be like. As it turned out, it was almost like taking a domestic flight, with an added (and rather quick) immigration check and a 2am departure.

boring travel tales pune frankfurt flight
Reading newspapers...almost constantly!

I was on the isle seat and my co-passengers in the line were a father-sun duo, with father actually quite an elderly one. He was on the window seat, but had to use the toilet multiple times in the night, and this ensured that I didn't get much sleep (so much so for my insistence on always taking an isle seat on long journeys).

boring travel tales pune frankfurt flight
Uncle singing away to glory...

The white (maybe German, but I can't say for sure) on the isle seat in front of me, didn't take this too nicely though. It was night and he wanted to sleep rather than make his seat upright to let the elderly gentleman pass through behind him. So he didn't budge, and each trip to the loo became a long affair as my neighbouring uncle had to snake through with much difficulty.

When father wasn't sleeping, he would sing, in a language I didn't understand. He heard little so sang quite loudly, but always with a smile. Though I didn't enjoy it in the beginning, it grew on me later. It was like a loud lullaby to keep kids awake.

Hell broke loose in the morning in the morning when son was taking some medicines for his father (after one of those loo breaks) and dropped a newspaper from the overhead compartment on the head of our angry neighbour. Overcome with anger, he threatened to punch the nose of the son, while the rest of us looked on in horror. Nothing happened, but uncle stopped singing and didn't take any more loo breaks.

boring travel tales pune frankfurt flight
The angry neighbor

We had a refueling stop at the Bucharest airport and I stood at the open rear door and enjoyed the cool breeze. Quite cheekily I asked the air hostess if I could walk down for a short walk on runway, and rather predictably she was visibly alarmed! Just to change the topic, I asked her for coffee and even though she got busy brewing it, she also constantly keeping an eye on me standing next to the steps.

boring travel tales pune frankfurt flight
Looking out of the flight at Bucharest airport

I was fully awake awake now (though with a slight headache) and devoured all newspapers around. It was refreshing to read about the world when flying overseas - so my focus was on Iran and Israel stories, two countries that don't get along so well, and both high on my agenda for visits, especially Iran.

I often find talks in India which almost makes me feel as if we are the most important country in the world - because we have such a huge population, huge potential, and maybe lots of money also now (at least some have). While all of this might be true to varying degrees, India is not world and there is clearly so much more. Travel helps me see that even better, even though I already know that at the back of my mind. Just like United States or China aren't world either, there is Turkey which has taken hundreds and thousands of migrants from the conflict zones of Syria, or Greece which is going through tough economy, or Brazil where president was recently ousted and replaced by her deputy.

boring travel tales pune frankfurt flight
Catching up with Brazil

As our breakfast got over, I read a very interesting story, 'Keeper of the Family Secrets', about Aldo Gucci's mistress, in the words of her illegitimate daughter. I wonder if there is a movie on that as yet, it certainly spurns like a very interesting subject.

And just before we landed, the father was singing once again. He confident and defiant voice (or maybe he had a weak memory) welcomed us in Frankfurt :)

boring travel tales pune frankfurt flight
Finally lovely gray skies at Frankfurt...


This is part of my series 'Boring Travel Tales', where I will recount all the mundane things that happen when I am moving cities, countries and continents. Some of these could be inspiring, while others could be depressing as I have simply no control over who happens on these exciting (or not) trips :)
Instagram has changed! Right from its inception, many things had changed, but the one thing that remained was its app icon which had literally become iconic in itself. To many it not only represented Instagram, but also photography itself.

So how did this all happen? And most importantly why?
So I got an email from Instagram today morning, announcing a completely new look for the app - starting from a new app icon/ logo!

The camera in the icon is now simplified (read more abstracted) and the colors have become way more vibrant, taking on the hues from a rainbow, with a dominating purple.

But why the change?
Well, any change seems unnecessary, especially when you love the current design and don't see the need for something new. However, look closely and you will see that for an almost omnipresent app, this also represents getting younger in a way, and also a method to connect with the newer audiences.

The design might look a bit kitsch, but it certainly grows on you pretty fast. Remember when iOS changed to bright colors? Now I can't even imagine going back to the old design.

This is the how the app looks now on your phone. What! You don't follow me already? Do it now (click on the image below and check out my profile).

instagram siddhartha joshi india
My instagram!

Feedback to the new Instagram logo?
But how do the current users of Instagram connect to the newness in the app. Looking at the comments on their video on Instagram, the world seems to be split. Some are desperately begging Instagram to change back to the earlier design, while others are embracing it wholeheartedly.

Here are some of the most recent comments to the video below. By the way so far there have been 87,000 comments and most seem to hate the new logo! I think it's a matter of time before we all start loving it :)

Y'all keep on changing stuff without at least the consideration of the users... Just be like every other social media site and stop updating everything!!!!!!

The new logo is not bad but the original is too good.

The logo: Why not. But this interface has so much white, it's strange and awful.

Good job

It looks like a washer machine! Not a Polaroid!

I dont like it sorry, i dont mind the update but plz can you change the app logo thing back please, im begging you. Or i think people should be able to go on there profile settings and change it to one of the two logos 😊

A video posted by Instagram (@instagram) on

Here are some of the users who loved the logo and showed their love through their creativity.

Love for the new Instagram logo!

 So what do you think? Share your views in the comments below
Cambodia is one of those countries where both sunrises as well as sunsets are both really beautiful. I was there on a pure leisure trip with friends which meant I never quite got up in time to witness a sunrise, but, of course, saw all sunsets! Each one was special and made me make a promise to myself to come back to the country again, and soon.

sunset cambodia Sihanoukville
On my first day itself...
sunset cambodia Koh Rong Samloem island
My local friend walking back to his boat...

Quite unfortunately I didn't carry my tripod as I wanted to just carry cabin luggage and wasn't sure if tripod would be allowed. So my plans of long exposure shots went all kaput, and I had to wash away my sorrows with the extremely popular Angkor beer. I tried to keep the evenings a but more sober so that I could take some pictures, though others were always sloshed and happy :)

Here are some of my favorite sunset shots from Cambodia. These were taken both from the mainland as well as the island of Koh Rong Samloem, a few hours boat ride away from Sihanoukville.

sunset cambodia Koh Rong Samloem island pier
Sunset from the pier...
sunset cambodia Koh Rong Samloem island pier
Dead trees adding a bit of drama to the shot
sunset cambodia Koh Rong Samloem island pier
Couple in love
sunset cambodia Sihanoukville
Ah! The blazing red sky...
sunset cambodia Koh Rong Samloem island
Right next to our snorkeling zone, this was our last night in the country...
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