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Three Fun Tips for couples traveling together!

Have you traveled solo? Well my travel adventures as an adult actually started with solo traveling, more out of compulsion than out of choice. But soon I was in love with it as it gave me absolute freedom about what I did, whom I spoke to to, what food I ate, where I stayed, but most importantly it allowed me to evolve my own style of travel with much experimentation.

But all this changed when I traveled outside the country for the first time to be with my favorite person in the world. The battle was intense as I really had to fight my way through the visa office which was hell bent on keeping me within India. I won the battle and flew to the country of wine, history, pizza and mafia!
She came to the far off airport to receive me and within minutes I decided that solo travel can take a back-seat for the next few years. Over the next two weeks we explored the country together - sometimes arguing, but always letting the experiences soak us in the destination itself. Over …

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