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Mumbai to Goa in Ship Cruise Ferry - starting February end, to cost Rs 5,000

This New Year’s Eve parties on the beach won’t be the most fun thing to do in Goa. Come December and you can reach India’s favourite beach destination in the most fun way possible - a cruise! Yes, you heard it right - a luxury cruise which might be among the best in the world!

The planned vessel will have a capacity to carry 400 passengers and there will be different classes available to choose from. Also, the service will be available on alternate days as only one vessel will be used for operations for now. It's likely to be a luxury liner with hotels, swimming pools among other facilities on-board.

The journey is expected to be about one day in the sea.

Latest update: After a long wait - the ferry service is now expected to start by the end of February. The tickets are expected to cost Rs 5,000 and the journey will take about 16 hours from Mumbai to Goa. The cruise liner will start from the Muzgaon domestic terminal and stop at Raigad, Dabhol, Jaigad, Vijay Durg and Malvan befor…

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