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eVisa Applications for Indian Tourists

One of the best implementations from governments all around the world is that Indian Nationals can now apply for tourist visas online. No need to visit an embassy anymore, at least for some countries. Back when I started doing international travel a decade back, there was no such provision and each visa required either working with an agent or visiting the embassy itself, sometimes multiple times! I still remember the harrowing time I had when I obtained visa for Italy. Unfortunately, for an Italian visa you still need to go the conventional way (visit vfs centre in your city), but for many other countries as diverse as Bahrain, Sri Lanka and Kenya now there is an option to obtain an e-visa.

You can check visa requirements easily here with to determine if you qualify for an eVisa.

But what exactly is an eVisa? An eVisa literally translates into an electronic visa i.e. no stamp or label appears on your passport when you are granted the visa. It has the exact same validity as …

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