Lonavala in Monsoon | Things to do in the rainy season in Lonavala in 2022

Lonavala is a popular tourist destination especially during the monsoon when the place truly comes alive. Conveniently located between Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala gets visitors from these two large cities who love the rains and adventures that go with it. Lonavala in monsoon is also popular for those (like me) who absolutely love rains and are also happy simply sitting with a cup of chai on the balcony with a book and letting the sound of rain soak in.

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Lonavala in Monsoons

This video will give you an idea about how gorgeous Lonavala looks during the monsoon season and all the things you can do there. A visit to Lonavala in monsoon is like a dream - a very happy dream at that.

Here are the places I recommend going to in Lonavala during the monsoon:

1. Tiger's Nose

Not sure why this point is called Tiger's nose, to me it didn't quite look like it but my driver was insistent that it was. In any case, this is perhaps the most popular place to visit in Lonavala in any season and has developed to cater to a large crowd. On a crowded day, it may be messy there, but otherwise, it's a charming location to get some of the best views of the valley below. Chai, there is overrated, but with Maggie, it's actually quite good. Frankly, if you go to Lonavala, you need to visit this place and I also recommend it.

2. Bhusi Dam

Now, this is one place that I was just not keen to visit because of how the place looked when I checked online. In any case, I did end up going there during a downpour and didn't regret the decision. 

This is a sort of waterfall made when the dam water overflows on steps and is a hugely popular place for youngsters and families to come and get drenched. Even though I went alone and didn't sit under the water, I actually did enjoy my time here. It's always so nice to see happy smiling faces, and sounds of joy all around. Kids truly bring this place alive!

3. Local market (buy chikki)

I love visiting local markets in small towns and cities, and the market of Lonavala is no different. The market is charming and as a visitor, the best thing to buy would be chikkis and fudges. Both of these are really famous in Lonavala and I love them. The shop I recommend is A1 chikki (you can check them out in the vlog above as well).

4. Buddhist Caves near Lonavala

There are numerous Buddhist Caves near Lonavala and they are all worth visiting. I have visited three of the best-known ones and also made videos about them too. You can watch some of them below. I would recommend going to Bhaja and Bedse if you have time available. 

5. Hikes around Lonavala

1. Tung Fort

I didn't know about this fort till we made a plan to go there with friends, and trust me I absolutely fell in love with it. The hike is magical (especially during monsoon) with flowers, dense green foliage and some slippery rocks, and I recommend it to anyone - beginners as well as pros.

2. Lohagad

This is one of the most popular forts in Maharashtra and we attempted a hike here during the monsoon. However, did we make it to the top here?


6. Two hidden secret spots in Lonavala

During my trip to Lonavala, I also met up with Aditya who's a singer and photographer based out of the city. He then took me around Lonavala and showed me two absolutely stunning locations (both are covered in the video) though unfortunately, I can't share the location as he doesn't want them to become busy tourist hotspots. 

Where to stay in Lonavala?

I have stayed here a few times, and here are two of my recommendations:

Recommendation 1: If you want to live in a resort and want to get pampered during your stay, the place I recommend is Rhythm Lonavala. It's a beautiful resort with a stunning pool and the video you saw above was mostly shot there.

Recommendation 2: If you are travelling with friends and want to have the entire house to yourself (with a personal swimming pool), I place I recommend is Chandralok Villas. They do have their own kitchen too, but you can always eat out or make some there.


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