Review: Rhythm Lonavala - conscious luxury in the heart of Lonavala!

As the raindrops finally began to peter down, I decided to drink one final cup of chai and start my day’s adventures. I wasn’t in Lonavla for sightseeing, but simply to take a few days off and relax. My hosts and travel partners for this slow mini vacation was Rhythm - a luxury report nestled in the gorgeous town of Lonavala. It was monsoons, and frankly there’s nothing more beautiful than spending a few slow days in the Sahyadri hills in this season.

rhythm Lonavala resort review luxury hotel
Rhythm Lonavala

rhythm Lonavala resort review luxury hotel
Early morning at Rhythm Lonavala

Exquisite luxury at Rhythm

Stay at Rhythm Lonavala

Rhythm Lonavala is a 5 star luxury resort with 84 elegantly appointed suites which overlook the beautiful pool right at the heart of the resort. The resort was built in 2011 by the Mr Jatia. The land has many old trees and conscious efforts have been taken to ensure that natural surroundings are kept intact to create a perfect blend of the old and the new.  It’s for this reason that you’ll see a tree in the pool and a large tree which overhangs at the Treehouse Cafe. Each suite also has a piece of an old dead tree’s trunk - the tree may not be there anymore but its memories live on at the resort. The logo of Rhythm is also a tree and to me that really represents the soul of the brand. These gestures might seem small, but are very thoughtful and really makes you feel even more connected with the place. 

rhythm Lonavala resort review luxury hotel
View from poolside 

I spent three days there and since it was raining most of the time, I really got to know the resort quite well. There are many lovely corners where you can sit and chill by yourself. I had a book and some good coffee for company and that was just about enough to keep me happy. I actually have two favourite places at Rhythm - the cafe at the entrance called Three Urns and the Library. Three Urns isn’t functional through the day but you can always sit there and read a book, or just watch the rains during monsoon. 

rhythm Lonavala resort review luxury hotel pool
My favourite - the swimming pool 

Pool view!

The resort also has a gym where you can keep up with your fitness goals. Since I was only in mood to relax, I didn’t quite venture there. For the lazy ones like me, pool was the perfect place to hangout. Despite the rains, or maybe because of it, the pool seemed very inviting.

rhythm Lonavala resort review luxury hotel reception
I also quite liked the entrance! 

rhythm Lonavala resort review luxury hotel cafe
These cozy spaces were perfect when the sun did come up for small intervals!

There are many other activities too which are perfect for a family outing like Tambola evenings, karaoke nights and Rhythm Olympics (for team building). They can also organise hikes to close by places and other experiences in Lonavala. Just reach out to them on reception and share what you would like to do and they'll certainly help you make some good plans.

Food at Rhythm Lonavala

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food is at Rhythm, and I can give all the credits to chef Vinod. He joined me for one of the meals and it was truly impressive to hear about all his travels and adventures, and his life on cruise ships. I think it's because he's traveled the world and explored so many cuisines, whatever he creates is just delicious. He’s not just an expert at continental food, he also curated a Gujarati thali for me as that day I was in mood for some Gujarati food. 

You can have all your meals at Treehouse Cafe which is the main restaurant at the hotel.

rhythm Lonavala resort review luxury hotel food
Relishing breakfast! 

rhythm Lonavala resort review luxury hotel food
This was sinful indulgence! :)

My Gujarati Thali!

Some healthy and delicious dinner at Treehouse!

For coffee, I would obviously recommend Three Urns or Courtyard Bistro by the pool. If you prefer to indulge in some cocktails, there’s Cedar Lounge for you. I didn't venture to the lounge though.

Perfect afternoon snack at Three Urns

Some delicious coffee

Coffee love!

My friend Mihir who also joined me for a day there

Pro tip: if like me you also love freshly brewed coffee, don’t hesitate to ask for it at Treehouse cafe as well during your breakfast time. The staff is awesome and will get it for you from 3 Urns.

To book your stay at Rhythm Lonavala

You can book your stay at Rhythm directly from their website or through and other aggregator sites. The resort is also a perfect place for hosting weddings and corporate events - reach out to the property for more details.  

Things to do in Lonavala

Even though I was in Lonavala to relax and unwind, it was tough to not venture out and explore the town. Lonavala is known for it’s chikkis and fudge, and I would recommend A1 chikki for the same. They have an absolutely mind-boggling collection of chikkis and since it’s a small family run business, shopping there is an intimate experience. 

Despite the rains on all the days that I was there, I did go to Lion point (or Tiger point as some prefer to call it) but it was all foggy and all I did there was eat pakodas and drink some chai. I also caught up with my friend Aditya and he took me to some absolutely fabulous hidden gems of Lonavala in his Jeep. Frankly none of these places are on the map and only a few locals ever go there. I loved every bit of it.

Lonavala monsoon rajmachi point
Lonavala in monsoons

You can also go for a trek to Lohagd fort. It’s not a hard trek though when we went there, it was closed due to covid-19 restrictions. 

If you like Buddhist caves, there a few around Lonavala like Bedse, Karla and Bhaja Caves. All of them are must-visit, especially Bedse and Bhaja.


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