Baner-Pashan Tekdi (hill) in Pune - a perfect getaway in the city!

If you live in Pune and love nature, you are in luck as the city has many small hills around (and within) which have their own green reserves. Here's my story of the visit to the Pashan Nature Trail also known as Pashan Tekdi or Baner Pashan trail.

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Vetal Tekdi

I love Vetal Tekdi and go there quite often, but now I've become a fan of Pashan tekdi as well, especially because it's empty even on a weekend and you can just have the space to yourself and even walk outdoors without a mask. I am pretty sure this will soon become my favourite go-to place in Pune now.

It's a large forest with multiple access points, and I would recommend starting the trail from the highway side. Also, go off the main trail and you'll find many places which are nice and quite and would make you feel that you aren't even in the city.

The tekdi separates the two major suburbs of Pune - Baner and Pashan, and hence the name. It is also the third highest point in the city at 2224 ft. 

Another tekdi in Pune that I absolutely love is Vetal Tekdi. You can watch the video here:


Once you are done from the hike, I would really recommend going to one of my favourite cafes in the city - Pagdandi.


  1. Truly they are a succour from the busy hustle bustle of the city. Our green lungs. There are very active citizen groups that protect the hills, do plantation and watering activities that one can volunteer for. Thank you for your vote for Pagdandi! Really appreciate it!😀


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