Review: Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe, Baner

Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe located on the Baner Pashan Link road, Pune over the last year to become one my favourite cafe in town. It started in 2013 and I came across this lovely place over a long, warm and boring Saturday afternoon...when I was wondering about with M, trying to find out a place to relax and chill...

Review Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe Baner Pashan Road Pune
Book, coffee and conversations!
Review Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe Baner Pashan Road Pune night
Cafe from outside...

Pagdandi: Coffee and Books!

The place is filled with two things that I love - coffee and books - shelves full of books entice you, and the aroma of coffee invite you. You can sit on the floor, on the cushions or on some very basic seating, it really doesn't matter. There is much to eat as well, but I never really order anything much but coffee there and its quite nice. Maybe I should try out some food as well...

It was started by this young couple (Neha and Vishal) who left their corporate jobs to follow their passion. I have met them and they are both quite nice - ready to hear your feedback about the place and hopefully also implement some of those (free wi-fi would be great I think). I also wish the place was slightly bigger - at times there can be noisy neighbors next to your 'area' and it can get irritating :P

The place also serves as a mini-library and book shop - you can borrow books for upto a month with a very minimal fee. I think you are also welcome to donate books here - something I would love to do. You are, of course, welcome to sit and read anything you fancy - including some good magazines as well (some on design too!). On some evenings you can also find some interesting artists here, including an Iranian dude who makes fabulous masks (sad that I do not remember his name!). Apart from coffee and food and chats, you can also play a number of board games available in the cafe.

Check out their FB page for more details; they also have a really nice website/ blog as well and you should certainly check it out - lays out the story of Pagdandi very well.


Address: Baner - Pashan Link Rd, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra
Phone: 077559 08525
Hours: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

Review Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe Baner Pashan Road Pune
You can put up work for sale as well...these are paintings by my friend Vidyut :)
Review Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe Baner Pashan Road Pune
And here are the activities for the week...

Update: Now we are a regular at the cafe and know Neha and Vishal also very well :)

Look out for this space for more cafe reviews :)


  1. A nice relaxing corner. Great shots!
    Greetings from Catalonia

  2. Looks really nice. Coffee and books can you ask for more?

  3. Tranquilo y relajado rincón para tomar un café y leer un poco. Un saludo,

  4. Según cuentas, es de esos sitios para estar como en tu casa, y además compartiendo. Deberia haber más lugares así. Aquí en Madrid hay algunos parecidos con unaa filosofia similar.
    La entrada es una imagen intrigante con bonitos tonos.

    1. I am very sure Madrid would have awesome coffee places...would love to visit someday! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Rajesh, the place is certainly very good...


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