Top Honeymoon Destinations in India this year!

It's the season of marriages and honeymoons in India, and if you are planning one right now, here's a great list of topmost honeymoon destinations for 2017 in India. Whether you are a romantic at heart or an adrenaline junkie, India is literally full of destinations for every need. This list is obviously not exhaustive, but is meant to tickle the romantic side of your heart to look beyond the obvious and do something hatke.

honeymoon destination place india 2017
Top honeymoon destinations in India for 2017

Just to make it easier to digest so much information, I have broken down the list into rough categories - romantic destinations, adventurous destinations, chilling-out destinations and off-beat destinations.

Romantic destinations 

1. Kashmir: The valley of Kashmir is by far my most favourite destination in the world, and most likely I will myself spend my honeymoon there. There is so much to do there that it's impossible to list out the places, but a good list would include Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Patnitop and many more places. Whether you stay in the cities or wander into the mountains, your honeymoon will be memorable!

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2. Agra and around: Agra is pretty clichéd when it comes to romantic travels, but I would still recommend the city, especially if you have never been there. A visit to Taj Mahal early in the morning is simply an unparalleled experience and can't missed when you are with your soul mate. Looking for something more than Taj, here's a post on Baby Taj!

3. Houseboats of Kerala: The laidback backwaters of Allepy in Kerala are serene, quite and stunningly beautiful. Also these Houseboats are private and give you lots of space to explore each other :) Also check out this guide from Kerala: Couple travel guide for Kerala

4. Manali in Himanchal: Mountains are romantic. Period. The lush green mountains of Himachal, the cool and crisp air, and long walks in the forests all make for Manali a great honeymoon destination! Again do not limit yourself to just Manali, but explore the areas around as well, each excursion will be rewarding.

5. Khajuraho: The erotic carvings at the Khajuraho group of temples are a prefect inspiration to try something new and exciting! It's a world heritage site and the town also has some really nice hotels to stay in. Explore the temples, explore each other and enjoy this lovely town!

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Adventurous destinations

1. River rafting in Indus: River Indus have our country its name and most of us are probably descendents of the people who made up the Indus Valley Civilization. So it's really interesting to go back to our roots and explore the river like never before. Rafting in the Indus is internationally renowned and if adventure is your thing, this might probably be the best way to bond with your loved one!

2. Great lakes trek in Kashmir: This trek in Kashmir is the ultimate mix of mild adventure with a heavy dose of romance. Such is the trek that people who barely know each other fall in love, so images what this would do to the newlyweds? Magic :)

3. Scuba in Andamans: This is well known to the adventure enthusiasts in India, but maybe it's time that couples also start exploring it. Together. Plan for a week of scuba adventures and if you like, become a trained scuba couple divers with a one week course. After that all your vacations can be under water gazing at the life there, holding hands and exchanging glances.

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4. Skydiving in Mysore: Though I am yet to try skydiving in India, I can vouch for the unparalleled experience of skydiving and the feeling of weightlessness. If both you and your partner are up for it, do try it out, and one such option is in Mysore. A few of my friends have done it here and loved the experience. If Mysore is a bit far for you, find something safe close home and go for it!

5. Tiger safari in Madhya Pradesh: the heart of India is also home to tigers and the state has numerous Tiger reserves which provide an excellent opportunity to bond in a forest over fear of the big beast! From Panna to Bandhavgarh (Read more: Tiger Safari in Bandhavgarh), there are some very nice and rustic resorts which provide luxury in the lap of nature.

Chilling-out destinations

1. Goa: Now Goa is certainly my all time favourite destination for a relaxed vacation and with your loved one it's even more magical. Take long strolls on the almost empty beaches of south Goa, take bike rides together through the villages of the state, and ride the waves into the sunset. And if water is not what excites hot, here is an alternate guide - Goa Beyond Beaches.

2. Lakshwadeep islands: It's one of the most beautiful parts of the India, people are only now waking up to these lovely islands. Which is great for honeymooning couples because it allows for lots of privacy. Many travellers come here for adventures, but it's a great place to simply relax and chill as well.

3. Coorg in Karnataka: Do you love coffee? Then how about waking up early morning in a small villa right in the center of a coffee plantation? I spent a few days in one such small house and the memories and smell of the coffee is still fresh with me.

4. Pondicherry: Pondicherry, or Puducherry as its locally known, was a French Colony which became a part of India only in 1954, and a huge French influence can be seen even today. Lanes with old colonial houses are perfect for walks and and an occasional coffee, while the long coastline is the perfect place for the morning and evening. Auroville Ashram which is a must visit, and so is staying at an old house-converted-to-homestay. A perfect place to just relax.

5. Palampur in Himachal Pradesh: One of the least known and underrated hill stations of Himachal Pradesh, Palampur in Kangra valley is just perfect for you if you want to relax and explore each other in the lap of nature. Dotted with cafes, old temples and monasteries, the town would soon explode into a popular tourism destination, so visit it before it changes completely!

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Off-beat destinations

1. Tawang in Arunanchal Pradesh: The small town houses the second biggest Buddhist monastery in the world and is surrounded by gorgeous pristine lakes. The lakes freeze in the winters and you can literally walk on some of them. An extremely safe town, it's perfect for long walks in the evening into the forests. Strong recommended!

2. Hampi in Karnataka: the capital of Vijaynagar empire, Humpi, now lays in ruins. However, for an exploratory couple its a perfect place as the place is not usually crowded, and there's so much to be discovered all here. Buy a book about the place and travel on foot - getting lost is perfectly fine! And if your want some adventures, do the coracle boat ride in the river.

3. Pangong Tso in Ladakh: A trip to Pangong Tso is borderline adventurous, but if you go in off-season the place is perfect for a honeymooning couple. It's rather cold so you would want to stay close all day long, and you will have the entire place to yourself all day long. Why? It's still not mainstream to spend days here! So go for it :)

4. Loktak lake and beyond in Manipur: It's the largest fresh water lake in North East India and also happens to be stunningly beautiful. Manupur as a state itself is relatively unexplored, and this can be the best reason to pack your bags and plan a romantic getaway where no one else wanders!

5. Rann of Kutch in Gujarat: when I visited Rann of Kutch for the first time now than a decade ago, it was like at first sight. The white salt desert is so unique and completely breathtaking. Visit Bhuj, Dholavira, Kala Dungar and other places which are barely known outside the state. Trust me, it would surely be a unique experience!

Tips for travel!
While you go on your dream vacation, do check out this packing list on what exactly to pack for your trip!

And finally et me finish this post by sharing some personal tips on fun travels for couples. These are some cool tips to keep your couple travel fun!

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  1. Great compilation Siddhartha. Lakshadweep is stunning but the conditions of the resorts are just ok. Kashmir is always mesmerising and stunning with a lot of options for your stay. Ladakh during winters is also amazing. We would love to go to Palampur someday.

  2. India is a veritable treasure trove of wonderful places to visit. Some of what you've written about here are familiar to me, but quite a few also aren't - thanks for not only spotlighting the lesser known, but reminding us of the delights to be found in the more established too :-)

  3. Good list. Udaipur too could have been added to honeymoon destination.

  4. I am maybe not quite at the honeymoon stage yet but my girlfriend and I are going to be doing a lot of travel this year and some of these look super romantic with or without the honeymoon. :)

  5. Will vote for Khajuraho for this one. It is ideal for not only the wedding but what comes after that. LOL

    Good to see less appreaciated destnatons like Loktak lake and Palampur being incldued here.

  6. All pictures looks really beautiful. Great article with good insights. It will help people who are planning to go to Honneymoon place.

  7. I would love to go to Kashmir as well. Like you said, there are so many places to go in India itself. But most people who travel prefer international destinations and I hope this trend will change soon. :) Khajuraho is definitely an interesting one. :)

  8. These pictures are mesmerizing, India is such a diverse land with so many possibilities for travelers. We are yet to make to most of these destinations. Alleppey and Kashmir are no doubt a traveler's paradise. And northeast is high on list hope to make sometime soon in future.

  9. India definitely has a lot of choices when it comes to honeymoon destinations. I like Lakshwadeep to chill out. The picture of the red sunset looks amazing.

  10. What a great list that you have compiled here. Missed nothing. I am soon headed to Palampur and I am excited to see it in your list.

  11. It's always so nice to stumble on a post about India -- because the country seems so endless, so filled with nice spots and hidden gems!

    I like particularly the list for adventure seekers, and, of course, the mention of Goa.
    Being Mozambican, and having lots of immigrants from Goa in my country, it is a place in India I'd love to visit. For its history and its scenery.

    Thank you for sharing!

  12. What a great post here and you wrote a list of beautiful destination; Great pictures and just a question, have you been in all of them?! Anyway I love to visit Hampi in Karnataka, it seems amazing!! thanks for sharing it

  13. Most of them really sounds amazing. Might be to late for a honeymoon, but hopefully I will be able to visit some of these for a normal trip. Time will tell. :)

  14. I didn't even need to read the words, I was convinced at the pics. Awesome photography and some great offbeat suggestions too. Loved it.

  15. Nice List. I would love to see Munnar in this list. Great work!

  16. Excellent compilation of all the exotic locations. I wish I had the time to travel to all these locations. Hopefully, I shall head to some of these this year.

  17. So here you go. Pack your bag and move to the place where you really wanna go to make your honeymoon amazing on a budget : D

  18. I visited Mysore, Goa & Pondicherry only for the rest of the place, I need to save the date.

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