Three Fun Tips for couples traveling together!

Have you traveled solo? Well my travel adventures as an adult actually started with solo traveling, more out of compulsion than out of choice. But soon I was in love with it as it gave me absolute freedom about what I did, whom I spoke to to, what food I ate, where I stayed, but most importantly it allowed me to evolve my own style of travel with much experimentation.

Couple travel tips love roimance kiss europe
Traveling together brings intensity in a relationship...
But all this changed when I traveled outside the country for the first time to be with my favorite person in the world. The battle was intense as I really had to fight my way through the visa office which was hell bent on keeping me within India. I won the battle and flew to the country of wine, history, pizza and mafia!

She came to the far off airport to receive me and within minutes I decided that solo travel can take a back-seat for the next few years. Over the next two weeks we explored the country together - sometimes arguing, but always letting the experiences soak us in the destination itself. Over countless bottles of wine (some directly from bottle) and long walks in beautiful alleys, our bond became stronger than ever. I had always thought that I knew lots about travel, but this was certainly a new experience for me.

So here are my THREE fun tips for traveling with your better half!
Share your bags - don't just pack your own stuff but share it all in the same bag. Share things as it will bring you even more close.
Walk the talk - walk, get lost and collect unplanned memories.
Flirt and Tease - flirt with each other as if you are strangers in a new city who just bumped into each other. Trust me, this is super duper fun :)

Couple travel tips love roimance kiss europe
Goodbyes are tough but they are also a new beginning...

So do you have any tips on traveling with your partner as well? Do share them in the comments or write me an email - I would love to include your voice as well here :)

If you are up for trying out these fun tips, and it's time to pick the right destination as well. Here's an unusual one - Iceland and it's bound to add even more adventure to your couple travels. Read this guide to know more - Honeymoon trip to Iceland.

And in case you are still in doubt about these tips, here's an a perfect article for you - Why couples should travel?


  1. Walks and scooty / bike rides in the night. When we are done for the day, we get back to hotel to leave everything, take some money and we roam around the city during the night. There is a different perspective to it. And, it is very beautiful. :)

  2. I love travelling with my special one too :) It doesn't come even close to solo travel or travelling with anyony else.

  3. Super blog. I will observe :-) Anyway, I travel alone or with my mom, because my husband don't like travelling.

  4. Fun advice! Never thought of packing for my partner, should try it out!

  5. Love the third point.
    It sure comes to you easily when you are where no one really knows you.
    Fun post, Sid. :)

  6. First things first... I don't think I ever congratulated you relating to the CNN article. Congratulations Sid! You are the best...

    I really do enjoy travelling alone, and have done it a great deal. Now, I enjoy having my wife with me. It is a give and take deal though, because we don't always like the same things. So sometimes, I go to places that I really don't want to.

  7. I fell in love with him while traveling together! And it was addictive..going off whenever we had the chance, exploring, getting lost, watching sun rises..

    We got married and for our honeymoon we went on a month long back pack trip to the Himalayas. The sheer joy of having a picnic by a mountain stream..knowing this is just the beginning..

    But we travel solo as well. And the best part is coming home and telling him everything !

  8. I once loved travelling solo. Then once upon a time I travelled with an awesome travel partner and then I never looked back. :) Agree with Ankita's comment above.

  9. love to travel with my life partner its not a school stage where we can perform solo

  10. I travel with my in 😍 lovely gf In on side off beach and was my first time .. Its fun on beach and enjoyed all day on that palce ...

  11. great tips..we love traveling together as well. Even the part of planning the trip, hunting for places of stay and making the itinerary together is fun!


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