A few lazy winter mornings in Nainital

I haven't been home for a while and feeling quite nostalgic about it. So a collection of a few pictures from Nainital, they are not my favorite either.

Now that I look back at the pictures I took only a couple of years back, I realise how I have changed. A lot of it can be contributed to the Euro trip, where M forced me to click people living their lives on the streets. That somehow also changed how I looked at everything else around.

Another post on home - Rediscovering Joshi Villa

Tiny siblings enjoying the morning sun...

Kanishk looking into the Naini lake
A walk on the Kilbury Road...
The view outside...
I used to smoke rarely those days, but loved clicking the smoke nevertheless
Nainital Golf Course, most people don't even know this place exists!!!
Ah! Home...Joshi Villa!
Home again...
Predictable, yet pretty!
St. Joseph's School

Can anyone guess the book? Clue: Its damn famous!
That's me looking into the horizon...


  1. you live in a little paradise!

  2. is the book by any chance atlas shrugged? by ayn rand??

    didnt know you were from nainital! shit!! its beautiful!!more so in your shots...

  3. Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". Wonderful photos. The change of style hasn't compromised quality. :)

  4. Nice work,nice to know that your from Nanital . i thought your were from Gujarat .

  5. Wonderful ! I loved all your pictures .

  6. You home looks lovely! Nainital is a beautiful place!
    Isn't that atlas shrugged?

  7. It's always interesting looking back as we can assess the progress or evolution that took place inside ourselves, the way we interact with other or the way we relate to our surroundings!
    On another note, thanks for letting me use your air balloon photo, i haven't yet done it as I an overloaded with other stuff right now but will do asap. DeeBee :)

  8. Woah, your home looks gorgeous! A peak inside in the next post?

    Also Dagny, Hank - Who is John Galt?

  9. you sure were born in paradise!

    atlas shrugged!

  10. I always wanted to visit this place..seems just beautiful..
    and the clicking smoke picture...Loved it!

  11. @joshidaniel: Thanks a lot man!

    @Ola: Unfortunately I don't live there, but far far away...hence miss the place even more...

    @Shruti: Trust me the pictures do no justice to the place, maybe I will share some better pics after my next visit home. And yes you are right about the book!

  12. @eyeinthesky: Thanks man! And bingo...you too are right about the book :)

    @Dhiraj: Yes I am a Kumaoni, but working/ living in Ahmedabad currently...

    @Kavita: Thank you :)

  13. @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Thank you, and yes the house is lovely! And you are right about the book as well :)

    @DeeBee: Exactly, always great to look back and see one evolves with time. I have changed so much...and my passion too has grown with time.

    You are most welcome to use the image, its my pleasure :)

    @Neha: Have a look at the end of the post, there is a tiny with some images of the home from inside...



  14. @Fabio: Thanks buddy!

    @magiceye: Haha...unfortunately I wasn't born there, but deep within Bihar :)

    Correct about the book again :)

    @RedHanded: It is beautiful, but make sure you visit during the non-tourist season! You might end up hating it otherwise...

    Smoke is always great to click...I do it all the time :)

  15. I am developing an uncanny love for smoke and smoke filled photographs too. I don't smoke as yet, but I have a feeling, I may start smoking....And I am not happy about it...

    Sid, though the photographs are from olden days, yet, your stamp is still there....It's good to connect with you through little details I try to find in the photographs :)

  16. images of hilly areas are by default beautiful! there is a certain peacefulness about the pictures....hence the beauty!

  17. @Chintan: Its not a great habit to cultivate, though you should certainly try it...

    I am glad that you liked the pictures, I will be sharing many more landscapes photography here...soon!

    @Shruti: Bingo! Its close to impossible to get bad pictures of the hills...always so peaceful :)

  18. Love the hills, landscape, horizon, terrace, the breeze and everything about the place. You are lucky to have a home at such a place.

  19. Nice one, Sid! North India is one of my photography destination that I would like to cover sometime.

  20. @Swati: You are right...everything about the hills is lovely! I miss being there...

    @Ashish: You really should, maybe next year we should do an Uttrakhand trip together...and of course you are most welcome to stay at my place in Nainital, anytime you happen to be there :)

  21. La première et la cinquième photo me touchent beaucoup,elles sont vraiment très réussies et transmettent beaucoup d'émotions.
    J'essaye aussi de m'imaginer à quoi vous pensez en regardant l'horizon!
    A bientôt

  22. Hi, so I found you thanks to the comment you left on my blog.. and I'm pretty glad I did. I see you're a dynamic writer and a photographer,too. Good to find someone with mutual respect, and the fact that you're excellent at what you do only makes it better.
    Fantastic shots, the Pushkar ones.. and soon, I shall stalk your Fictions.
    Cheers :-)

  23. Sid, your house looks great. It looks almost as exotic as some of the locations you shoot.

  24. This valley looks like Shangri-La! :-) Beautiful pictures as usual. Enjoyed this post very much, Siddhartha! Have a great week.

  25. I'v *always always always* wanted to go to nainital. Or best, work there for a bit with an NGO. Know of any?

    The pictures are beautiful. :)

  26. @maia: Merci beaucoup, je suis heureux vous avez aimé les photos:) Et oui, vous voir bientôt... j'espère...

    @nil: I am happy that you liked the pictures, and yes I love photography! Though am far from excellent...though I do try and strive for it!

    You are welcome to stalk my fictions as well :)

    @Sriram: Yes, its a great house...I only wish I could spend more time there...

  27. @Dominic: You've been to Shangri-la? I would love too visit it too...

    And wish you as well a fantastic week ahead!

    @Shreya: :)) Well, then don't look for a reason and just go...winters is a great time be there, especially when it snows. Also there would be fewer people and you can have the space to yourself :)

    Unfortunately, I do not know of any NGO that you can volunteer for, but am sure you can find some...

  28. these are some gr8 pictures that you postet here......loved them totally....
    i am from mussourie and in love with anything that is concerned with hill stations.......

  29. @Aguiltyconscience: Thanks a lot man! And good to know that you frm Mussourie...its also such a beautiful town...

  30. Beautiful place... I would love to visit it.. Nice clicks!

  31. @LondonCaller: Thank you!

    @Deepika: Thanks, and do visit the place! Himalayas are always great...

  32. Lol I know I should say more but all I can think is....wow, thats a lot of hair you have there xD

    This is incredible. I love looking at all the pictures you post, makes me feel like I'm traveling out of my tiny country which is exactly what I need right now, lol

  33. :) great pictures! Especially the first one :)

    I guess the scenic beauty is 2000% more beautiful in person, but thanks for giving us a little piece of nainital :)

    and people guessed the book already, so great-stuff!


  34. Winter?? I would love to have such winter time:-) I can see some snow on the high mountains and it is beautiful.
    Great series!

  35. That is the view from near your home? Gorgeous!!! My favorite is the last photo.

  36. lovely place to live...

    beautiful photos with background of nature...


  37. Lovely capture of captivating Nanital!

  38. @PunkChopsticks: Hahaha...I really do not know what else to say :)

    I am happy that you enjoy the pictures here, and I would really recommend visiting India to actually experience all this and more :)

    @Express: I am 100% with you on this, the place feels so much more beautiful in person; the air is cool and so clean, the birds chirp all around, and natural sounds so beautiful...

    @Spiderdama: Hahaha...I know your winters are very harsh! We get sunny days on winters as well :)

  39. @Jules: Some of the pictures are view from home, most are from and around Nainital...

    @Krishna: Yes, and I wish I was living there too...

    @Rahul: Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed the pictures :)

  40. Love the picture of the smoker! Great work.

  41. Wow Nainital !!! one of my very beloved place on this earth.

  42. Very beautiful area, I love it, so green, mountains and great lake, it looks a lot like the Alps. You played well with the sun light, great job!

  43. My dear friend
    Your photos with your town, are wonderful and your home is very nice, with a beautiful view!!!
    Best regards

  44. This is my hometown and i am agreed given info by you.

  45. @MissNomad: :)

    @NiceArtLife: Thanks a lot, it surely is a great place! And I love the comparison with the Alps :D

    @Magda: Thanks :)

    @Gonainital: Hey, its great to connect with you here :)

  46. Hey, my first time on your blog...um, I know it sounds hokey, but I really really really want to visit Nainital for my book...I seem to be stuck because I haven't seen Naini with my own eyes... and the photos are beautiful!!! They made my imagination run again! :D :D I shall keep coming back for more! :D :D

  47. Hi Mystical Skeptical Me! You are have an unusual name :)

    I am really glad that you liked the post and the pictures :) Is the book you writing about Nainital? I do hope you get to visit the place...and do keep coming back here!

  48. Thank you! :) :D My Book is entirely based on Nainital...the Protagonist is from here, a major part of the book takes place here! :D :D I love Nainital, just the idea, you know! :D :D Sure, I would keep visiting! :D :D

  49. Beautiful post.Loved the Tiny siblings enjoying the morning sun... photo...

  50. Sid, I know exactly how it feels to have such a beautiful place as your hometown, I am from Nainital too :) Lovely post here, made me miss home. Just incase you drop by Delhi someday, make sure to give a shout to me!


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