A few lazy winter mornings in Nainital

I haven't been home for a while and feeling quite nostalgic about it. So a collection of a few pictures from Nainital, they are not my favorite either.

Now that I look back at the pictures I took only a couple of years back, I realise how I have changed. A lot of it can be contributed to the Euro trip, where M forced me to click people living their lives on the streets. That somehow also changed how I looked at everything else around.

Another post on home - Rediscovering Joshi Villa

Tiny siblings enjoying the morning sun...

Kanishk looking into the Naini lake
A walk on the Kilbury Road...
The view outside...
I used to smoke rarely those days, but loved clicking the smoke nevertheless
Nainital Golf Course, most people don't even know this place exists!!!
Ah! Home...Joshi Villa!
Home again...
Predictable, yet pretty!
St. Joseph's School

Can anyone guess the book? Clue: Its damn famous!
That's me looking into the horizon...


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