Synco G2(A2) wireless mic | BEST wireless microphone for YouTubers and Content Creators

I've been making travel videos for about a year, and during this time I've used and adopted many new products in my workflow. Today's review is about one such product, the Synco G2(A2) wireless mic, that has now become an integral part of my workflow.

Life before Synco G2(A2)

Before moving to wireless mics, I used something that a lot of vloggers use as well - it’s a shotgun mic which gets mounted on the camera and records my audio directly in the camera. This system works fine if you always want to walk with your camera and talk directly into it, but to me, it was very restricting. You see these mics work great if you are very close to them - the closer the better. 

In my case, I often wanted to keep the camera at a distance and talk to it while I walked around and showed you also the place. Now, this didn’t work well for that scenario at all. So sometimes I would record audio in a separate Lav mic, record the audio through a separate recorder through this Zoom H1 and later sync the audio in post - but this was a lot of work and more devices to handle and maintain. It was so much work that I did that only for commercial projects and rarely if ever for my vlogs. 

Introducing Synco G2(A2)

Synco G2(A2) is a wireless microphone by Synco. Now, Synco isn’t the first company to make these microphones but what’s really special about these is how well priced they are and you really get a bang for your buck when you buy these. These microphones come in two variants - G2(A1) with one receiver and one transmitter, and G2A2 with one receiver and two transmitters - this one’s especially useful if you plan to have two people talk at the same time. I have the G2(A2) here with me.

The price of G2(A2) in India right now as of August 2022 is Rs 18,500 and this is what you get with the microphone - you get two transmitters, one receiver, two Lav mics and a host of other accessories including the dead cat for the two transmitters and covers for the Lav mics. G2(A1) currently retails at Rs 11,000.

So how does this product actually work? 

Now, this is the part that I love the most - because it’s so simple!

Let’s see what happens on the camera side. You first fix it on the hot shoe mount, then take this cable and attach one side of it to the mic and the other to your camera. And then you switch on the receiver. On the receiver you have a port for monitoring the audio with headphones, you have these buttons to change levels on the receivers, and buttons to change from mono to stereo.

As for the transmitter, you can directly mount it on your shirt. The setup and pairing are automatic so all you need to do is switch these on. If you use a Lav mic, the process remains the same and instead of the transmitter, you connect the Lav to the transmitter and then attach the Lav to your shirt. On the receiver, you have the input for the Lav mic, a USB point for charging, and a mute button on one side. On the other side, you have the low pass filter and a manual pairing button. This also comes with a windscreen in case you are outdoors and there’s a lot of wind.  

An important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the levels are correct - what’s suggested is that you do the max pre amp on the device and then do the rest on camera. This setting will vary based on the camera you have but don’t forget this critical step. In most scenarios -6 dB weirds well; you can work further on this in post-production.

This also works just as well with your smartphone. You’ll need to use a different cable for that which is already part of the accessory kit. For mobile phones, the audio levels are adjusted automatically so you don’t have to worry about those.

So how do I use it in my workflow?

First of all, I use it like this - the regular vlogging setup which is now way more compact than it was in the past.

Then I use it for vlogging from a distance which for me is a game changer

And then I’ll also use it for all my client projects now - no more syncing up the sound in post. I’ll get the sound directly synced with the video. That'll be amazing.

So are these the best wireless microphones out there? Well, I can’t quite say that without comparing them all. But I can tell you that Synco G2A2 are fantastic for their price point and I have already changed my microphone for all my camera work. This comes in a pretty neat box too. Also, you can charge all of these at the same time with one cable - pretty neat! And you can use it with your mobile phone as well if you have a 3.5mm jack.

So who is this product for? 

Actually, a wireless mic is great for anyone who does video work - content creators, vloggers, podcasters, journalists and so on. 

If you plan to buy these, you’ll find them here. It’s their official page in India.


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