FIVE easy tips on how to grow on Instagram in 2022 | Instagram Reels Tips!

So you are looking at ways to grow on Instagram using Reels right now? You've come to the right place - this is going to be a no-nonsense, and completely straightforward article on tips to grow on Instagram right now.

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How to grow on Instagram in 2022

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You might be wondering who am I and why you should even listen to me? Instagram has been e kind to me in the last month itself my account has grown by more than 50,000 followers and all because of how extremely used Reels is in my favour. In the last 30 days, seven of my reels have crossed 2 million views and two have crossed 10 million. And no reel has had less than 30k views. And so I thought I would write this article and share what I’ve learnt with you, and maybe it’ll help some of you small and medium creators like me out there.

A Mindset Change

Before I give out the first tip, here’s something more important - a mindset change. This is especially relevant if you are a content creator. Don’t think about creating content that the world will then consume. Think of what you are offering to the world that might add value to their lives - it could be knowledge, emotion, entertainment or something else. Don’t forget that even if you can make them smile with your work, you’ve added something really valuable to their day.

Tips for Growing on Instagram using Reels right now!

With that out of the way, let’s look at my top five tips. Trust me the TOP tip is the one which’ll surprise you the most.

Tip 5: Make Reels (not focus so much on photos)

Ok so let's start with the first tip and this is going to be a quick one. Reels are everything on Instagram right now - yes, it’s ok to post pictures once in a while but making reels - whether 15 seconds or 3 minutes, at least right now seems to be doing well.

I completely understand the plight of fellow photographers who are suddenly tasked with being cinematographers instead, but if one wants to grow and flourish on Instagram, there seems to be no other way.

Do a mix of photos and videos, there's absolutely no harm in that.

Tip 4: Increase the frequency of posting

Post more than what you are currently doing - every reel you post has the potential to blow up even a week from now, so do more. If you post every second day, consider posting every day; if you post once already, try and post twice daily. 

I am currently posting twice a day on most days and trust me it’s not necessarily as much work as you might think it is. I will certainly make a video soon about how you can create quality content for Instagram which doesn’t break your back!

Also, be online for at least half an hour to engage with your followers as they leave comments on your posts. This step is crucial as well.

Tip 3: Nothing beats simplicity

Simple single-shot Reels do extremely well. You can also do more of this kind of reel. This doesn’t mean multiple shot reels don’t do well, but it’s much more work and in my experience, the single shot clips have always outperformed multiple shots. Six of the seven reels that’ve crossed the 2M mark are single-shot Reels.

Simpler reels also mean you can do more of them. This goes back and links to Tip 4 above.

In addition to this if you can use rending music to bring about that emotion, nothing like it. Do you know how to identify if a soundtrack is trending? Look out for an upward arrow just before the name of the track - if it points upwards, it's trending at that time.

Tip 2: Emotion is the King!

Have an emotional hook - now what do I mean by it? Use a soundtrack and visuals which appeal to our deeper senses - love, loss, friendship etc. An emotional reel is also instantly more sharable and an important step in creating a viral reel is sharability. 

Again, the reels do not need to be manipulative. Simple everyday things can also evoke emotions in viewers like this reel below. Remember that even if your Reel makes someone smile, that's already a big value addition in their lives - such content is good content.

Tip 1: Make Reels with quotes

Quotes are doing really well right now and not just popular music. Great visuals with an inspiring quote can truly be a winner. Also, go local - use the local langue. My first language is Hindi and I use a lot of Hindi voiceovers and quotes and they do great. If you can also use subtitles on your Reels with quotes, the chances of those reels doing great are even higher. Trust me I am saying this from experience. The text you use can be a call to action as well - but some text on a reel with quotes can work great! I would attribute more than 50% of my growth on Instagram to this specific tip. Do try it out and let me know how that went.

Bonus tip: be nice to your followers - reply to their comments, and repost their stories when they tag you. They are your ambassadors and the ones who will spread the word about you. So it’s great to be connected with someone who likes you so much, right?

What else does one need to do?

Frankly, this list can go and on and I can share lots more tips on this. However, I would recommend following these first and seeing the results. 

Let me know in the comments below if you have any specific questions or clarifications.