A bike trip to Rumbak in Ladakh - a Homestay Village!

Up in the Himalayas near the city of Leh, there comes a time when the road ends and you reach the last village - Rumbak. Despite its remoteness, Rumbak is a fairly popular among travellers who like to go off the beaten tracks and wildlife enthusiasts, yet is still relatively unknown to most travellers who visit Ladakh. 

When I was in Ladakh recently, I did a road-trip with my friends on bikes to Rumbak. It was still late April, and even though it had snowed unexpectedly just a day back, the sun was strong as we rode to the village. This is the story of our adventures that day - though you mustn't expect it to have much drama, it was just a nice and simple day spent with friends up in a remote Himalayan village.

How do Rumbak Homestays works?

The village primarily survives off tourism and there's a very interesting way of doing that. Each house in the village is a homestay and when someone books a stay here, they don't get to choose the house - they get the house that's next in line. This way each house gets to host guests and the entire village grows and benefits.

The Homestays work both during summers and also during the extremely cold winter months. That's the time when snow leopards come down to warmer valleys, and Rumbak is known to be a great place for spotting them.

How to book a homestay in Rumbak?

A very obvious next question is how to book a Homestay at Rumbak? Well, the question is great but it was had to find the answer once I got back and started to research. I do regret not asking the locals about how to book when I was there, and now I am left with what's written by others oneline.

Most forums suggest connecting with J&K Department of Wildlife Protection to make the booking. I'll surely add more details here as I find them.


  1. But the ladakh way is very dangerous so how we can go with bike trip ?

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