What are the BEST places to see in Jaffna (Sri Lanka) in 2022!

Long seen as the home of LTTE, Jaffna had fallen off the tourist maps of visitors to Sri Lanka. It was an area avoided by not just international but also local travellers. The many gems of the region faded away form my memory of people and Jaffna (once the second largest city of Sri Lanka) just became a place to avoid.

Things began to change once Sri Lanka's civil war ended in 2009, and the process of reintegration of Jaffna with mainland started. With peace came opportunities and eventually the world rediscovered that Jaffna was a place beyond the civil war and there was so much to discover in this little unexplored part of the country.

My explorations of Jaffna started from Colombo. The trains in Sri Lanka were't operational as yet so we decided to take a long road trip from Colombo to Jaffna city.

In the first of the Jaffna travel vlogs, we explore some of the most important places to visit in the city as well as the district. We start the day with a trip to the Nagadeepa island, followed by lunch, a visit to the Jaffna Public Library, Jaffna Fort and finally end the day at the Kollur Temple.

It was a hectic and wholesome day and all these places are completely doable in one day.

This is the second and final part of my Jaffna travel series, and in this episode we will explore some temples in Jaffna town, Keerimalai sacred pond, Keerimalai Naguleswaram Kovil, Thinnai Organic Farm, some secluded beaches, the iconic Rio Ice Cream in the town and a quick visit to the old Jaffna Market.

Is Sri Lanka safe to travel?

Sri Lanka is going through a terrible economic crisis and many Sri Lankans are out on the streets protesting against the policies of the government. This does make one wonder if it's safe to travel to Sri Lanka at this time.

I've been in touch with my friends and acquaintances in the country and everyone's assured that the country is perfectly safe to travel to. In fact traveling to Sri Lanka may be the best way to help it in this economic crisis as it gives wings to the travel industry and everyone who depends on it. 

So if you were considering a trip to Sri Lanka right now and wasn't sure if this is the right time, please do go ahead and make the trip. I might go again in a couple of months because of how much love I have for the country! 


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