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I recently visited the southern part of Kerala for the first time and stayed at the beautiful Rockholm Resort by the Lighthouse Beach. These were the last few days spent in Kerala and I spent them all in and around the resort, spending most of my time chilling and relaxing, and also getting some good ayurvedic treatments.

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Rockholm Resort by the Lighthouse Beach

Here's a vlog on my stay at the resort. Enjoy :)

About Rockholm Resort

Rockholm Resort is part of the Nattika group, but this resort is quite different from their flagship Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort which is geared primarily towards Ayurveda. Rockholm Resort also has Ayurveda as one of its key focus areas, but it also welcomes guests who might just want to enjoy the secluded and pristine Lighthouse beach and just want to spend a weekend here. 

The hotel is located only 22 km from the capital of Kerala - Thiruvananthapuram. The best way to reach here would be to fly into the city and then take a cab here, ore request the hotel for an airport pickup. The hotel has 20+ sea facing rooms and I would absolutely recommend taking one of those, especially if you love the sound of sea. It's really calming to sleep and wake up with the sound of sea so close to you - it's not a feeling we often get, and I loved it during my stay there. In fact, I also ended up spending so much time on the balcony because of the beautiful sea.

The lighthouse is, of course, the key attraction here and it certainly is quite stunning. I spent both my mornings and evenings gazing at it and shooting it from the rocks across the beach. It's a functional lighthouse so you can also see the light on the lighthouse and that really makes you feel that you are living in another bygone era.

I would suggest doing at least one Ayurvedic treatment at the resort during your stay as it's really good. Also, the treatment room for men opens into a garden and sea beyond and it's a very calming experience.

My stay in Kerala was a short one this time but I can't wait to visit once again soon. Hopefully when the monsoon rains come. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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