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Sidlaphadi (also sometimes referred to as Sidila Padi - ಸಿಡಿಲ ಪಡಿ) is an ancient rock structure near Badami in North Karnataka which was used by our ancestors as their dwelling. Sidlaphadi literally translates to Rock of Lightning in Kannada due to the large gaping holes in its roof which were created due to lightening. The dwelling also has cave paintings and carvings by those who lived here depicting the local animals around as well as their life. Most of these are almost completely gone now though.

sidlaphadi Cave, badami, karantaka
Sdhaphadi Cave near Badami 

Here's the video of my visit to Sidlaphadi.


How to reach Sidlaphadi?

The best way to reach here is to take an auto rickshaw to the starting point and then just walk from there. There are no marked directions and here's the most important tip - you'll see a tall telephone tower on your left and just take the left turn right after that. The straight road leads to a village further ahead and you don't need to go there. There won't be a properly marked path when you turn left, but don't worry and continue going ahead and the path will be visible again soon.

The walk/ hike is 4 km one way and the journey will take about an hour or so if you walk slowly. I can say this confidence because I tracked it with my Apple Watch. It's not a hard hike at all and families and kids can easily come here. On a hot and sunny day though it can be hard as there are hardly any trees in this region. 

Sidlaphadi itself is quite an impressive structure and much much bigger than I anticipated. It can easily shelter hundred or so people. Do look out for cave paintings as they aren't marked and also quite faded now. 

Small request

Another small request, please do not leave behind anything there. It's actually quite clean and it'll be amazing if it stays that way in future too. I would love to have more people visit this place but the sanctity of the place needs to be maintained. Also, please do not write or carve your name on the rock face there. 


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