Places to visit around Lonavala - Lohagad, Rajmachi Point, Goosebumps point and waterfalls

Lohagad, Rajmachi Point and Goosebumps point - these are the three amazing places we visited on a wet monsoon day when we were in Lonavala recently. Our day started at Chandralok villa and ended with a surprise waterfall near Bhaja caves.

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That's me at the Ganesh Darwaza at Lohagad

Here's a video of our explorations!

Rajmachi Point

The first palace we visited is the pretty well known Rajmachi Point about half an hour's drive from Lonavala up on the hill. It's generally covered in mist during the monsoon and that's exactly how we found it too.  It's a great place to see the old highway from a bird's eye view and you can also take some great pictures here too.

Goosebump point 

As the name suggests, this place is meant to give you goosebumps and it does manage to do that especially when you climb up on the rickety stairs. The day was so misty that we could barely even see the highway on the two sides. In fact there's a train line close by too but it was barely visible that morning. Finally it was the numerous monkeys who pushed us back and down the steps, and we headed off to the final destination.


Lohagad is one of the oldest and most prominent forts of Maharashtra and has been ruled by many different kings and dynasties, including Shivaji Maharaj. The fort area also has old Jain caves which far outdate the fort itself. Unfortunately the fort is closed currently due to covid-19 restrictions, but you can walk up to the first gate - Ganesh Darwaza. It's an impressive first gate and unfortunately we had to turn back from here. The walk up to the gate is not challenging at all, except that because of the rains these steps are now quite slippery. Thankfully none of us slipped.

I will certainly be back here again once the fort opens and explore it fully. Looking forward to it!

Location of different points in the video:

Rajmachi Point

Goosebumps Point


Buddhist Caves

If you like Buddhist Caves, there are quite a few around Pune which are worth visiting, especially Bhaja, Karla and the lesser known Bedse Caves. Here are a couple of videos I made earlier about some of these caves.


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