Bedse Caves | Centuries old Buddhist Caves between Pune and Mumbai

Located between Pune and Mumba close to the highway, Bedse caves are t Buddhist caves that are not yet on the tourist map. Built in the 1st Century CE, the caves are wonderfully preserved and a must-visit for heritage lovers like me.

Location to start the climb to the caves here.

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Bedse Caves

Enjoy the video!

If you love to explore centuries old Buddhist caves, there are two more in the neighbourhood which are must-visit - Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves.

I was somewhat disappointed with Karla Caves as it's become far more commercial that what I would associate a Buddhist historical site to me. There's a Hindu temple there as well and it typically plays music on loudspeakers and quite significantly change the calm vibe of the place. I would still recommend going there as the caves are beautiful and have a lot of story to tell. 

Bhaja Caves on the other hand are rarely visited and I was quite impressed with how wonderfully it's kept.  The caves are very easily accessible from the main road and just a short drive away from Karla Caves. Go in the morning - that's the best time to be there at the caves.

There are many other significant Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Maharashtra which are and I do hope to see them developed and potentially even made a part of a Buddhist circuit. 


  1. An ancient caves a must visit tourist place from Pune.

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