Places to visit near Pune - Malhargad and Necklace point near Bhor

Malhargad Fort and Necklace Point at Bhor are these two lesser known and absolutely amazing places near Pune which are must-visit. In fact they can both be done in one day like we did - ending your day at the Necklace point is quite a satisfying experience. 

necklace point bhor pune
Necklace Point at Bhor

Here's a video about my experiences from the two places!


Located at a distance of about 30 km from Pune, Malhargad Fort was built by the mighty Marathas between 1757 to 1760, and interestingly this was also the last fort built by them. The fort was built by Panse, a Peshwa Sardar. It is believed that the fort was built to keep an eye on on the strategically important Dive ghat.  The highest point on the Malhargad fort trek is 3,100 feet.

There are two ways to reach the Fort - the most common one is through Zendewadi village which is on the left of the road once you cross Dive ghat. You can drive almost to the back gate and reach the fort after a ten minute hike. The other option is to reach the via Sonori village, and this route is more of an actual hike.

The fort is almost completely gone, except for the walls and two temples on top. The first temple is Khandoba mandir. There’s no priest but an old woman and her dog guard the temple - you can also buy water from here if you run out of it. The dog is super friendly and became our friend quickly. The second temple is Mahadev mandir. Both the temples are surprisingly very well maintained though the rest of the fort is almost completely gone, except the walls and some other small structures. 

Necklace Point

The second destination for the day is the Necklace Point at Bhor. This is a bend in Neera river near Bhatghar Dam. It's really easily accessible - just a few feet away from the main road. You can easily park your car there and walk to the point. Since it's a viewing point, there isn't much to do. You can be done in 15-20 minutes. 


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