Places to visit near Pune - Mastani Lake and Saswad Temples

Pune is a beautiful city, but you know what’s even more beautiful - it’s the hidden gems just outside the city. In the first episode of this two part series, we will be exploring two absolutely iconic places around Pune - Mastani Lake and Saswad.

mastani lake pune travel vlog saswad
Mastani Lake near Pune

Here's a video of my visit there. 

My partner in crime for the day was Amit and he is also a Pune based blogger. You can see his wonderful blog here.

AČ™ per the legends, the Mastani Lake was built by Bajirao Peshwa about 300 years back and he used to come here often with his beloved Mastani. The pond was also apparently used by them for swimming, but there's no way to confirm that. There is also a legend that a tunnel connects Mastani Lake to Shaniwar Wada where Bajirao lived with his first wife Kashi. There's certainly a tunnel here, but it's blocked so it's impossible to confirm this legend. In any case, it's a wonderful place to visit especially on a weekday as you'll find it practically empty like we did.

Saswad on the other hand is much much and was also a Buddhist hub back in the days. Now it's famous for two old temples - Sangameshwar and  Chang Vateshwar temples. Both are Shiva temples and are absolutely delightful and peaceful places to visit. Apart from places of worship, Saswad is also famous for spotting wildlife. Unfortunately, we didn't have the time to do it - but hopefully next time I go there, I will bring back a few wildlife images too.


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