Banganga Temple Tank at Walkeshwar

Banganga Temple Tank at Walkeshwar is often called as Mumbai's own Varanasi, though I think the charming place has its very own Mumbai character which is unlike any other. It is believed that the tank was built in AD 1127 and then later rebuilt in the 18th century. Now this is a little hidden secret of Mumbai that only Mumbaikars know of.

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Banganga in Mumbai

We spent an hour at the pond early in the morning and the environment was absolutely serene. I also learnt about this interesting ritual where the swans are fed with leftover food from nearby local restaurants. Very sustainable.

My travel partner was Mihir. You can follow his work here.

There's also a nice dhobi ghat close by but unfortunately we didn't have the time to go there and shoot. Hopefully, we'll do that next time. As soon as the morning got over, I took a bus from Dadar and headed back to Pune. The next story will be again from my new home - Pune.


  1. Banganga Temple Tank look great, loved the Vlog.

  2. The video picturization and background music very good.

  3. The video picturization and ambient sound generally excellent.

  4. Has anyone told you that you sound like the Michelin chef - Vikas Khanna? Voice twin!

    Lovely take on the quaint little Varanasi nestled in Mumbai. What a beauty!

    And totally agree with how Shivneri does the worst stops on the highway, or sometimes decide not to stop at all! Full dadagiri ..

    Cheers from Pune!


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