Beaches on Madh and Manori islands - Mumbai's very own secrets!

I love Mumbai, and pretty much everything about it. However, when it comes to beaches, they leave a lot to be desired. In the last few years many efforts have been made to clean up city's beaches and they have made a huge difference - for example the Versova beach cleanup led by Afroz Shah. However, if you really want to visit nice and clean beaches and actually take a dip  in water, you often need to drive away from the city. Or do you?

secret, beach, mumbai
Secret beaches of Mumbai

In this video, I showcase two beaches right next to Mumbai which have still remained largely untouched. Often movies and TV shows are shot here, but not many from the city actually come here for leisure. These are a bit harder to reach and maybe that's why they are still so nice. 

These two are:
  1. Beaches on Madh Island - Dana Pani beach, Aksa beach
  2. Manori beach


  1. Whether to visit its beaches or not, I still want to visit Mumbai primarily for its history and architecture. Although I can imagine it would be nice to take photos of the city's skyline with its beaches. Hi Sid, it's been a while. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

    1. Hello Bama! So so good to hear from you :) I am doing fine and hopefully you are well too. I do hope you can visit Mumbai one day and I would love to show you around :)

  2. Very nice place to visit. Hope someday I will visit there.

  3. Very nice place. Hope I will visit there and see that wonderful islands. Thanks sharing of this


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