A visit to Juliet's balcony in Verona, Italy

Once upon a time when there was no Corona, I made my first trip outside India to Italy. And that's when I stumbled upon this fabled balcony - the one. that belonged to none other than Juliet in Verona.

In fact we were never meant to visit Verona at all. However, we missed our train back to Milan (or something like that - I distinctly remember sleeping overnight on the platform in Venice) and so had an extra day to kill. And voila - we decided to visit Verona.

(I sincerely hope I have not messed up the geography completely with my convoluted story above!)

Anyway it was only after coming here that we released that Verona not only had a colosseum of it's own (quite an impressive one at that), it was also the town of the famous lovers - Romeo and Juliet

We had big bags (well, not so big really), the day was hot and we also had little money, yet we decided to follow the path of love and pay homage to the ultimate lovers.

I think I have gotten to the point of pointlessness in this story, so here I am leaving you with a few images (just a few surviving ones from 2008) from the city. The balcony where is grumpy woman is seen is apparently the balcony where Juliet stood and waited for her beloved Romeo. Fascinating!

Juliet's home (is it?)

The famed balcony! (the girl seen here isn't Juliet though)

Some random wall art as we struggled to find the balcony in a town where hardly anyone spoke English!


  1. I like the way you write your blog, super excited and good blogs.

  2. among with Florence, i think Verona is second best city in Italy

  3. Hey Siddhartha,
    The ancient JULIET'S BALCONY looks amazing.
    Especially the ancient ways it looks built up!

    Thanks for sharing this statue information


  4. Amazing Article really happy to say it was an interesting post.

  5. Amazing post! Thanks for sharing.

  6. now I know, so this is juliet balcony and now a colosseum. I never thought that Romeo and Juliet are from italy. thank you for sharing, I find it interesting

  7. Such an informative and interesting sharing. Really wanted to see Romeo and Juliet place.
    Thank you!!.


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