UEFA Champions League - here's how you can win a FREE trip to Europe!

If there is one thing these days that's bringing in the whole of Europe closer to the rest of the world, it certainly has to be the UEFA Champions League currently underway across the continent. The annual championship by the Union of European Football Associations, where the best of the best in Europe’s Club Football compete, is a mecca for football lovers from across the world, and this year has been no different!

In case you are wondering what is a football story doing on a travel blog, think again - how about planning a vacation to Europe which matches the schedule of the matches of your favorite football team! You can not only enjoy the matches and live the moments with your team, but also enjoy the sights and sounds of the cities where the matches are happening - and they are planned at some of the most alluring cities of Europe!

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Football and travel in Europe - a perfect match!

So this post is for everyone who loves football and travel as I bring together the best of both worlds. But hey, wait - read through till the end of the post - if watching the finals of the Champion’s League has always been your dream, you can win a fully-paid trip for two to watch the finale at Kyiv, Ukraine, plus also get some money to splurge as well :)

Romancing Europe with football!

So coming back to UEFA, we are at the semi-final stage now and the draw is down to the four teams competing to enter the finals. Let's see how we can follow these matches and the cities, and make the most of the schedule as travel experiences.

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Liverpool is the fifth largest metropolitan area in UK, and was one of the leading centers during the industrial revolution too. The city today is most famous because of The Beatles, and many tourists come there only for them. With a long history of 800 years, the city has many historical monuments too - including numerous cathedrals.

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The city hosts the first leg of the semi-finalbetween Liverpool FC and AS Romaon 24th April.

Reach a couple of days in advance (at least) to explore the city and leave the night of the match to reach Munich on time for catch next match in Munich.

Munich, Germany

Located on the banks of river Isar, Munich is a major center of art, technology, sports, automobiles and more! It's the capital of Bavaria region of Germany and one of the most visited in the country. The city has a great mix of different architectural styles - both historical and modern, and that's a way of life here as well.

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The first leg of the second semi-final between the biggies - Bayern Munich and Real Madrid takes place here on 25th April!

There are more days before the next match, so do stay back and enjoy the sights here before flying off to Madrid before the end of the month!

Madrid, Spain

It's a bit of a shame that even though I've traveled so much in Spain, I've never been to Madrid - the capital of the country (and it's an anomaly I would love correct soon). The city has many old buildings and lovely architecture, but it's also known for its excellent cuisine and great nightlife. And while you are there don't forget to catch some Flamenco too :)

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Madrid hosts second leg of the second semifinal between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich on 2nd May!

The next pit stop will be Rome.

Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy, but when you think back in the past, it was almost like the capital of the ancient world as we know it! Many many things have changed over the thousand years or so that it has been around, but one thing has stayed - the charm of the city. It's been years since I was last there, but the memories of the place are still around in my heart.

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The second leg of the first semi-final takes place in Rome between Liverpool FC and AS Roma on 3rd May.

Well, the next match – Champion League Final in Kyiv is more than three weeks later - so it's a tough choice to stay on in the continent, or return back home. I would actually suggest either watch the semis in stadiums, or just come to Europe to catch the finals (read on to know how this is very much possible), unless you have means to sustain for a month in Europe :)

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and also itslargest city. Though we know so little about the country, Kyiv is actually one of the most important cultural and industrial cities of Eastern Europe. The city is teeming with history, and many visitors come to simply explore and enjoy its numerous cathedrals. It's also a very green city - it is said that one can walk from one end of Kyiv to the other in the summertime without leaving the shade of its many trees.

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However, come May-end and life in the city will change as we know it as it will be immersed in football fever as the city hosts the grand finale happening on 27th May!

Win a trip to Kyiv! 

And now comes the interesting part that I am sure many of you were waiting for - how to actually make a trip to Kyiv happen to catch the finals!  Axis Bank has tied up with Mastercard to launch an exciting offer for its Forex Card users. As per the offer, customers of Axis Bank Forex Card stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip for two to watch the UEFA Champions League Final 2018 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The winner will also get a pre-loaded Forex Card with $250 worth of forex to splurge.

If you are curious to know more about the offer, you can get the details here: Axis Bank Forex Card

So what are you waiting for? Let's bring together the love for football and travel and plan a trip to one of my favourite parts of the world - Europe! Have more questions about travel there - feel free to ask me for more details in the comments below.


Disclaimer: This post is written in collaboration with Axis Bank for their Mastercard Forex card for international travellers.


  1. Love the way you done this post to combine football and traveling, don't see many of them at all. I done all cities apart from Munich (one day the beer festival will be had), but my favourite is Kyiv, so much history and love the people there. Food and drink is cheap also :)

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  2. Exciting places for these games! But best of all--- free flight to Kyiv. I would love htat. Well, I better tell all my friends to participate then. Europe is just super exciting.

  3. I have some colleagues at work who love to travel for some of the UEFA Champions League Games! It's a great way to combine their passion for the sport with a little holiday at the same time! Would love to win a trip to Kyiv, great prize!!

  4. Man City has won the Premier League title a week ago and now the focus shifts to the Champions League. Four of the best teams will play matches in four of the best cities in the continent. I've been to Liverpool and Munich and hope to visit the other 3 sooner or later. All of these are great cities in their own right with plenty of history and attractions to offer.

  5. Ohh.. What a cool way to enjoy and follow your fave sport and travel at the same time! I’m not really a big sports fan but I do understand the feeling of following along something that makes us happy. A trip to Kyiv (for free!) sounds pretty cool too!

  6. Nice way to present the championship. I have been to only one football club and that is Barcelona Football Club. We enjoyed their museum and also learnt how they water and dry the field. :)

  7. It's funny because I work for a sports TV station back at home and I know all about UEFA from that. I don't really care much for soccer. However, learning about all of the different team names and the cities they come from...it makes me want to go to those cities! Travel addict here! :)

  8. Sounds like a perfect deal for a UEFA fan. You not only get your favorite sport but also, get to see these lovely places. Maybe I might tag onto one of those fans who can enjoy the sport while I explore the town. The free trip for me is what is getting me to thing this way! ;-)

  9. I like the way you have done this post. Was really a interesting read. Exploring the place along with enjoying Football match will be a super deal especially for the UEFA fans. My husband is going to be in it too. A free trip to Kyiv is what is making me think about Axis Bank Forex card. Thanks for all the info.

  10. Traveling in Europe is always exciting because you can see incredibly many monuments of various epochs in the history of the whole world.

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