Pune street photography: Life as it is!

On a good day, it's a delight to walk the streets Pune, especially in the old part of the city. This was one such morning when I headed out to Mandai area (certainly my most favourite part of the city), and took a few shots on the streets of Pune.

Unlike most other days, there was no theme at all when I took these pics, and they represent just what I saw on the streets. Life as it is.

pune street photography woman shopping
Riot of colors!

pune street photography man with a whip
Ready to whip the world!

pune street photography laughing woman
And she was all smiles

pune street photography shopkeeper
Not such a busy time at the Mandai

pune street photography man old
Don't talk to me, I am busy :P


  1. These are some really good pictures. You seem to have captured a day in Pune nicely :)

  2. Old is glod always. Thanks for giving the beautiful pics.

  3. Well written and nicely captured amazing pictures. Thank You!


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