My tryst with fitness at the iconic 'Mandarin Oriental' - Hong Kong

Built over 50 years ago in 1963, Mandarin Oriental was then the tallest building in Hong Kong and quickly became an iconic landmark of the city, a status it retains even today. The  magnificent views of the famous Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s skyline make the stay at this luxurious hotel an experience in itself. Early this month when I was on a trip to Hong Kong, I was invited to stay as a guest of the hotel for a day, and I came back highly impressed with the services as well as experiences at this iconic hotel.

mandarin oriental hong kong luxury hotel photo
Mandarin Oriental - iconic since 1963 

mandarin oriental hong kong luxury hotel photo
Mandarin Oreintal in Hong Kong

Here's an amusing story from it's early years - the hotel was the first have direct-dial telephones and was also the first in Asia to have a bathtub in every room – leading the architect of the hotel to ask, “Are the guests amphibious?”

My tryst with fitness

I typically try and reach a new city early in the day so that I can get maximum number of hours to explore it. However, in case of Hong Kong I reached hours before check-in (2pm), but the helpful staff at the hotel were gracious enough to let me use the gymnasium and sauna. So over the next 4 hours, I sweated it out like there was no tomorrow. I am generally a lazy guy, and this was actually the first ever time that I actually worked out in a hotel gym - but guess what, I am hooked to it!

After two hours of intense work-out, I decided to try some sauna and it was quite an experience. Over the next two hours of almost ritualistic sauna, I made friends with an art dealer from France, an Indian economist and a Chinese banker. Our discussions varied from world politics to evolution of art scene in Hong Kong, and made sauna even more fun. I took three rounds in the dray sauna, and a few cold baths and a dip in steaming hot Jacuzzi as well!

siddhartha joshi mandarin oriental hong kong luxury hotel photo
Chilling out in my room :)

By the time I got my room keys, I was exhausted (I had a long flight from India to Hong Kong right before hitting the gym), and even skipped my lunch. When I did get up eventually, I simply lay on my bed and enjoyed the view of the harbor from my window, or read books on Hong Kong.

In the evening it was time to go for my pre-booked massage session at The Mandarin Spa, I knew I deserved it more than on any other day! After about 90 minutes of blissful Oriental Essence massage, I was fresh and headed out to explore the sights and sounds of Hong Kong.

The next morning it was time to eat my breakfast and start further explorations in Hong Kong, but I did make sure to visit the gym and work out. New habits die hard :)

Facilities at the hotel

is home to 434 oversized guestrooms and 67 suites, each of which has been individually furnished and decorated to embrace the hotel’s Oriental heritage, while being combined with a fresh, contemporary feel to offer harmony and serenity.

mandarin oriental hong kong luxury hotel photo
Rooms at the hotel

I already talked about The Mandarin Spa and the gymnasium, and both of those are top-notch and I would strongly recommend trying them both out.

mandarin oriental hong kong luxury hotel photo
The Mandarin Spa

The hotel also has three Michelin star restaurants, but I couldn't try any of those, so won;t be able to recommend any. However, if you've been there, do feel free to let me know more in the comments below.

mandarin oriental hong kong luxury hotel photo
Food here is special as well

Practical details

Address: 5 Connaught Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong

For bookings: Mandarin Oreiental

Rates: They keep changing, and the current rates are starting from about 3400 HKD.


Disclaimer: I was at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong on invitation of the hotel. Needless to mention, all views expressed are my own and based on my personal experiences. The hotel pictures have been provided by the hotel.


  1. The Mandarin Oriental looks like a beautiful property. We travelled through Hong Kong going to Thailand and our night in the city was a blissful reprieve. The skyline is so iconic. I couldn't believe how the theme of water, mountains, and skyscrapers can blend together so beautifully.

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  2. The hotel looks very pleasant and so great they let you use the gym and Sauna before you were to check in. After that difficult day you sure did deserve the massage.

  3. I'm not great with hotel gyms, but I love spas and pools. Perhaps I really am amphibious? Whatever, I'd be more than happy to stay at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong - it looks perfect

  4. A good hotel gym is a must when traveling high end and for short stays-it helps so much!

  5. This property looks amazing with incredible views! Who would have ever thought being early to the hotel would start a new tradition? Now you can have dessert with no guilt

  6. You had me at Spa and Gymnasium. Wow, that was some work out! Sounds like the start of a new habit, and always great to connect with interesting people. Lovely hotel, looks comfortable and that is one heck of a view!

  7. Beautiful place to balance the impact of Hong Kong. Such a cool hotel too.

  8. I want to be there right now! The facilities look amazing .... and that skyline! Sounds like the perfect base to explore Hong Kong (but maybe I'll leave the kids at home!)

  9. The facilities look so good. The view from the hotel room is dazzling. I would have just plonked on the bed and rested. Not keen to exercise in such circumstances.

  10. So funny that when the hotel first opened, it was considered odd to have bathtubs in every room! Now we just take that for granted, don't we? Your stay at the Mandarin Oriental sounds blissful. The attention they give to detail is quite apparent, and the surroundings and views are quite luxurious. If I ever make it to Hong Kong, I'd be quite happy to stay there!

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