Sid the Wanderer on DD (Doordarshan) National!

So here’s me, Sid the wanderer, making my debut on the TV channel I grew up - DD National! It's not only India's very own TV channel, it's also one of the most watched.

What’s even more awesome is the fact that I am here to talk about my passion (travel writing and photography) and inspire others to dream on as well. Here's a one minute version to check out - I will certainly update with the full version as soon as it's on YouTube!

Now this interview as actually a part of a weekly TV show called ‘Hunarbaaz’ which is airs every Sunday at 11.30am. But what exactly is Hunarbaaz? Well, the word literally translates into skillful, and I came in as someone who is skillful not only as a photographer, but also someone who is able to earn from his passion.

Anyway, here's how they describe themselves.

"Hunnarbaaz! Mission Skill India, powered by Skill India Mission is the first ever Television show on skill development and enterprise in India, produced by Cinemavision India, an innovation partner of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).

This top rated day time show on Doordarshan highlights skills and career opportunities and features real life success stories, inspiring celebrity and iconic participation and challenging competitions to create awareness about skills and entrepreneurship in India."

By the way this also tells me that I must get back to speaking more often in my mother tongue - Hindi. Right now disappointingly it’s quite a mish-mash 😑

If you are curious to know more about my the other TV shows that I've done, you can find more details here: About me.


  1. Great going. Keep up the spirit and go places.

  2. Heartiest Congratulations :) Best wishes.

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