Goodbye iPhone 8 Plus...welcome iPhone X!

I can’t quite believe that it’s already time to upgrade. As against the usual one year time period when my iPhone calls out for an upgrade, this time it’s happening is just about a month! Not that there’s anything wrong with the iPhone 8 Plus, in fact, I’ve used using it in Mumbai, Denmark, Rajasthan and Coorg and loved it like I love all iPhones.

But let’s talk quickly a little about my iPhone in different parts of the world first.


The moment I got my hands on the device, I decided to go and explore my own backyard - Mumbai. I spent an entire evening and morning shooting with the device and the pictures were breathtaking. Here are some of my favourite shots!

mumbai beach sunset photo shot on iphone 8 plus
Sunset in Mumbai

mumbai pigeons photo kabootarhana shot on iphone 8 plus
My favorite Mumbai pigeons!

I fell in love with the portrait mode enhancements, even though it’s in beta and takes a while before you can get the perfect shot. Here’s the man I shot with different effects.


Within a couple of days with the device, it was time to hop on to Denmark and it was actually here that I got to explore the device most. I used it in rains, under gloomy clouds, in the early morning and late night light, and every time the device lived up to the expectations. I also explored the portrait mode and even did a few fake fashion shoots :p

nyhavn copenhagen denmark photo shot on iphone 8 plus
Nyhavn at sunrise!

denmark copenhagen photo walk man shot on iphone 8 plus
Walking and some more walking...


Right after the cold Danish weather, it was time to explore the warm desert in Rajasthan. In Tijara I actually barely used my DSLR and most of my pictures were taken with the mobile phone. Here are some!

camela love rajasthan photo shot on iphone 8 plus
Camels in love! 

tijara fort palace hotel shot on iphone 8 plus
Tijara Fort Palace in Rajasthan


And finally just before I upgraded, I decided to go down south to the beautiful coffee plantation of Tamara resort. I knew this would be my last destination to be covered with the iPhone 8 Plus, and I tried to make the most of it!

trekking coorg photo shot on iphone 8 plus
Trekking in Coorg

orchid western ghat coorg shot on iphone 8 plus
Orchid in Coorg forest

Time to upgrade...

I must confess that the phone I had been eyeing all along, right from Tim’s keynote address in September, was the new iPhoneX. So yes, it’s indeed time to move to the best mobile phone in the world right now - iPhoneX. If you think why am I upgrading from a perfectly good phone so soon, I can only say that it’s my innate desire to simply use the best that’s out there.

iphonex 10 india photo mumbai
My brand new iPhone X joining me for a cup of coffee :)

Also, if you've been living in a cave and don't know enough about the device, then watch this video:

iPhoneX pictures

Now that I have the best that the world has to offer right now, it's time to hit the streets and take some epic shots. You can follow me on Instagram for daily updates and stories, and I promise you will see a lot of images shot from this beauty!


  1. Loved your clicks with iPhone8Plus.
    Congratulations for iPhone X , Eagerly waiting iPhone X photography.

    1. Thanks Rupam! I am also eagerly waiting to try it out on my travels :)

  2. I hate iPhone Samsung note 8 is far better than that

  3. IP X is a great product. However, its price is quite expensive and not everyone can use it.
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