iPhone Wireless Charging - charger options available in India right now!

I recently upgraded to an iPhone X and the first thing I wanted to do was also upgrade my accessories so that I can use the phone features to the fullest. An essential part of it was to buy a Qi wireless charger to be able to charge my device without the otherwise mandatory cable and wall plug.

best qi wireless charger iphone x
Best Qi chargers for iPhone X

But what is Qi charging?

Qi (from the Chineseword qi, "energy flow") is an open interface standard that defines wireless power transferusing inductive charging over distances of up to 4 cm (1.6 inches), and is developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. The system uses a charging pad and a compatible device, which is placed on top of the pad, charging via resonant inductive coupling.

Source: Wikipedia

My search for the Qi wireless charger

As soon as I opened and setup my device it was time to look out for an appropriate wireless charger. I decided to go online first but couldn’t find any of the internationally recommended Qi chargers in online stores in India. The ones that were available were way too expensive.

My immediate next step was to make a visit to Apple store/ other stores and pick one there. I was actually completely sure that I will have multiple options to pick from and I would also have the charger within minutes, instead of waiting for a few more days for an online delivery.

I visited an Apple store, a Reliance Digital store, Chroma and Samsung store, and none of them had even one Qi charger. Trust me I was not surprised, but shocked.

Best Qi chargers online

Clearly buying in a store wasn’t an option, and I was back to Amazon to find a charger. Did I find one that I actually liked? Yes, I did but let me share 5 good options for these chargers and you can decide what works best for you.

1. Belkin

Simplify your space with this Wireless Charging Pad. This charger uses Qi-certified transmitting coils to deliver charge to your phone wirelessly. No need to plug in when it’s time to power up, just lay your phone or other Qi enabled device onto the charging pad. When the LED indicator lights up, your device is charging optimally. This product is also recommended by Apple on it's website.

Note: The product isn't available right now, so you can move on to the next in the list.


2. Samsung

With this stylish accessory, available in black sapphire or white, you can charge your compatible Galaxy smartphones and other Qi-compatible devices without the need to plug your device in to a wall charger or USB port. Simply place your device directly onto the charging pad and your phone begins to charge.

3. Magideal Wireless Charger

The wireless Qi-charger allows you to charge any Qi-compatible without cables The high quality-elaboration of the wooden material makes the wireless charging station a stylish gadget Easy Usage with Smart Design: Just put your Qi-device on the pad. Power-efficient idle mode never overcharges your battery or wastes energy

4. Anker

PowerPort Qi 10 The 10W Wireless Charging Pad Simple Charging Cutting-edge Qi inductive technology simplifies charging into just setting your phone down on the charging pad. Charge Faster Fast Charge Mode delivers 10W charging to any fast wireless charge-capable device. Premium Design Breathing LEDs indicate device and charger status.

5. Mobiweb

The Wireless Charging Stand utilizes Qi Inductive Charging Technology that eliminates the need to fumble with charging cables each time you want to charge your device. Perfect for at home or the office, the dedicated charging stand is always at the ready, providing wireless power whenever you set your device on the stand. The stand was designed to allow you to still use your device while charging, propping it up so you can navigate music, review notifications and answer calls without having to interrupt charging.

6. Choe

CHOE Qi wireless charger works with any Qi-enabled devices through a QI-compliant adapter or a QI-compliant embedded chip Power Source: AC Adaptor with micro USB port plugs into wireless charging.


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