No one killed Junaid...

"Arre, you didn't buy the batashe? Hai...what do we offer to all the guests now? You know what Kheer is only for special guests!", I screamed as hard as I could, while Junaid's abbu looked at me  disapprovingly through his reading glasses.

"Hahaha...I am just pulling your leg ammi. We bought everything. Just wait for a few more hours - we even have a surprise for you. You will love it!", he replied in an equally loud voice, though I still struggled to hear him well. Old age, and the noise in the train around him made our conversation tough, but I wanted to speak a little more - this was his first call in the two days.

'Hai...I don't want any surprises baccha. Just come home and help me and your abbu prepare for Eid. There is still so much work to be done, I am so stressed. Ek din kaam karte karte mar jaigi teri ammi.". As usual he laughed at my melodrama.

I was, of course, lying. I love surprises and my little Junaid knows it too, and always gives me one whenever he travels out of our village. I was already secretly hoping he would be me some of those deep green glass bangles I had shown him in Chandni Chowk a few days.

I couldn't hear much after this. It seemed like there were suddenly many other voices on the other end, and I couldn't quite understand what was going on. The phone disconnected soon, like it usually does on these train journeys. Junaid's abbu and I had dinner, made some more last minute plans for Eid's celebrations the next day, prayed together and went off to sleep.

The surprise didn't come the next morning but just a few hours later - it was Junaid's lifeless blood soaked body. This was Eid's gift from my motherland.


This is a completely fictionalised account of Junaid's murder on a train as he was returning home after Eid shopping. Apparently it started with an altercation over seats and eventually to the abuses on the faith of the young boy. He was stabbed and died in the arms of his brother on platform where he was thrown off after the stabbings.

Though the train as well as the railway platform was full of people, there are no witnesses. Junaid died, but no one killed him.

who killed junaid
Who killed Junaid?


  1. the Junaid is not only one there are so many other young boys killed to death just because of their faith. The so called god lovers don't even have the idea that " Aik beta kese jawaan hota hy...."

  2. Thanks to you (sid) as you raises your voice via blog , if someone on the train raises his voice , junaid would be alive . Don't know where is our humanity .


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