Melia Dubai: Enjoy the exquisite Spanish luxury in Dubai!

Melia Dubai is the first Spanish five star hotel in Dubai, and it's unique location close to the heart of the original Dubai makes it even more special. Great food, great views and highly stylized interiors recreate an eclectic mix of cultures which also defines the spirit of Dubai.

Here's my review of the hotel.

review melia dubai five star luxury hotel
At the terrace of Melia Dubai
review melia dubai five star luxury hotel
View of the hotel lobby from my floor

As we drove from the airport to the hotel after a an unexpectedly plush business class flight experience with flydubai, I was curious to find out more about the neighborhood of the hotel. I was a bit surprised when our host told me that it was located close to Old Dubai.

Old Dubai? Is there an old Dubai as well? Somehow I had always associated the city as a shining new metropolis of high-rises and swanky roads. The word 'old' somehow didn't fit in at all with the image in my mind. For someone like me who loves to always explore a place a layer below the obvious, the plot was already getting interesting.

Half an hour later I was in my plush room at the hotel with a view to die for! It was still early morning with an overcast sky, and the view simply took my breath away. Right in front of me was Burj Khalifa with the rest of the skyline which dominates the image of Dubai in our minds currently.

dubai skyline from room melia dubai
Dubai skyline from my room

Over the next few days, I explored not just the swanky new Dubai, but even more so the Old Dubai, locally known as Old Dubai. Though the location of the hotel seemed unusual in the beginning, it was actually perfect for someone like me who loves to explore both the old and the new, the past and the present to get a sense of the city and it's people.

However, it's not just things that you can do around, but also within the hotel which make it special. So without much ado, here are my top five reasons why you must plan a stay at Melia Dubai on your next trip to the country :)

review melia dubai five star luxury hotel
Lobby of the hotel

Close to Old Dubai

Barely located at a distance of 2km from the Abra stand on the Dubai creek, the location is just perfect! A cab ride takes just about 10 minutes, and on a good evening you can even walk back to the hotel.

Old Dubai is where Dubai originally started and it's a great place to start exploration of the city to understand why it is the way it is. While you are there, take the Abra (boat) ride and go across the creek and explore the old souks as well. There are some shops will also sell chocolates made with camel milk and they are certainly worth trying out.

Also close to New Dubai

A visit to Dubai will certainly not be complete without visiting the Dubai the way we understand it now. The iconic Burj Khalifa is located about 9 km from here and it takes about 20 minutes in a cab to reach, though it's much more if you travel during the peak hours.

There is also a metro station close by, which will also also take you to the new part of the city, though I didn't take that.


This was the last thing I expected to be special at Melia Dubai, and boy I was so wrong about it. Start your day at the Azalya with it's sumptuous continental breakfast spread. You can even find idli if you are missing Indian food :)

review melia dubai five star luxury hotel

However, my favourite, by far, was Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor. We were actually pampered by the head chef at the restaurant, and the food simply blew me away. You have to try it to believe the flavours that the food has at this lovely restaurant, which is famous across Dubai.

Freshly cooked food. Yum!

singature sanjeev kapoor melia dubai
Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor


After the dinner, head out to the terrace for a drink at Estrellas, and if you are in mood for the party later in the night, check out their night club called Muscovites.

muscovites night club melia dubai
Muscovites - the night club!

Yhi Spa

Over the last few years, I have come to enjoy the spa treatments at the hotels, and to me they are the best ways to end your day, especially when you are dead tired with the excursions.

I took the Moroccan bath, and loved it! If you are staying there, go for it :)

yhi spa melia dubai review
Yhi spa

By the way, there are couples spa rooms with Jacuzzi, so if you are traveling with your better half, this might be a great way to unwind :)

Room and service

Finally, this is something which is the crux of your stay in any hotel. I can talk a lot about it, or simply show my room.

review melia dubai five star luxury hotel
My room
review melia dubai five star luxury hotel
I loved this little tub :)

Also, did I mention that there was a digital personal message for me right when I entered. Certainly made me feel special :)

review melia dubai five star luxury hotel
Welcome to Melia Dubai :)

Travel in Dubai

Over the next few days I travelled extensively in the city, exploring both the popular tourist destinations like visiting Burj Khalifa, but also digging deeper into some very local experiences. and in the process I collected tons of experiences and memories of a lifetime!

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Disclaimer: I was hosted in Dubai by Melia Dubai. All views expressed here are unbiased and based on my own personal experiences. 


  1. sid I love ur blog. ....n I want to start my travelling blog I don't know what n how to start it.......can I start up with my home town DELHI????
    anyways I love ur blog like sooooooooo muchhhhh n regularly follow "sid-thewanderer

    1. Thanks Aakhya! And you can certainly start your blog with your home-town's always good to start with a place you know well :)

  2. I used to work in a Melia Hotel in London and have stayed at a few as a result. One thing they always do well is breakfast, those buffets go on for miles! Sounds like a great place to stay, particularly like the photo of your view, stunning and amazing to think you are 9 kms away from the Burj Khalifa and it still dominates! What a structure.

  3. Oh wow, that view is amazing! And the terrace! If I stayed here, I'd probably spend half my day chilling on the terrace with a good book! Also, like you, I didn't realise there was an "Old" Dubai!

  4. This place looks incredible! I think one thing you can't beat Dubai for is the views - no matter what accommodation/restaurant I read about, the views are always out of this world.
    The same as Viktória, I didn't realise there was an "Old Dubai"! Although now you've pointed it out it kind of makes sense.

  5. I really enjoy looking at your photos, and of course I would love to experience what you did. Thank you for sharing, and I will keep this place in mind the next time I visit Dubai.
    Halef - the Round The World Guys

  6. Melia Dubai looks like an amazing five-star hotel that must be visited if anyone plans to go to Dubai. Your amazing pictures do showcase the lavishness of the beautiful hotel. However, Dubai is slowly lifting the restrictions therefore travellers might have to check for updated Dubai Travel Requirements from the embassy. After that, if the hotels are allowed to run then tourists can easily visit this gorgeous restaurant to enjoy a hearty meal.


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