11 awesome tips to stay healthy when traveling!

How often do we think about including health as a factor while planning for a trip? Well, for most of us vacations are meant to be fun and health often takes a backseat. Unless, of course, you take ill in an unknown destination far away from home. I have had this experience first hand and so here are some of my favourite tips to stay healthy when you travel. These include preventive tips as well as those which can help you manage health issues on the road. Read on :)

top tips stay fir healthy when traveling
Tips to stay healthy when traveling!

1. Travel Health insurance - this is perhaps the most important thing to do, especially if you are traveling international. Most visa applications require you to already buy in advance, but in any case do not leave the house before you get your insurance in place. Keep a hard copy with you in your bag, email a soft copy to yourself and your family, and save the relevant contact numbers in your phone. This can save your life in future so do not skip this step.

2. Medicine box - We all often have a medicine box at home, and it's even more important to carry one when you are away from home. The box can simply have the basic medicine which you might need - like something for headache, nausea, upset stomach, maybe a pain killer, some bandaid etc. If there are some medications which require prescription, take that along as well. Some airlines are a bit finicky about it.

3. Carry a hand sanitizer - this hygiene tip is essential no matter where in the world you are. Especially if you are in a country like India where eating with hands is often the norm, and clean water isn't always available for washing hands, this is a must have.

4. Stay hydrated - this is one of things which most travelers forget, and it's also one of the most important way to stay healthy. This is especially true if you are traveling in a hot country like India where sun-strokes can hit suddenly and hit van then be in bed for days recovering from it. So drink lots of water, carry lots of water and drink water even if you feel it's not yet the time.

5. Never be empty stomach - My top tip for this is to always carry bananas, or chocolates or whatever works for you. It not only keeps you full, it's also naturally hygienic and hot van simply buy it from a local market and eat. However, to each his own, but do make sure you eat well and on time. Always.

6. Hit the gym/ go for a run - now this is now an easy one, and often I end up not doing it myself because I am lazy. But it's great to have a fitness routine and live by it no matter what happens. It might also be useful to carry small exercising equipment in your travel bag - I always carry a stretching band with me for this exact purpose.

7. Join a local yoga class - these are fun, help you stay in shape and you also get to meet new people. With Yoga picking up across the world, it's not tough to find these classes online, and they are often not that expensive. And if Yoga isn't your thing, join a local sport. Kushti is what I would would recommend if you are in rural India :)

8. Eat local - this is obvious from an experience point of view, but more often than not the local food is often healthier, more affordable and tastier. So skip the fried chickens and burgers, and eat local. And guess what even in a country like India, some of the local food is so simple and healthy that you don't believe it. For example this dosa. And if you visiting my city Pune, you must visit Vaishali to have the best dosa around :)

9. Get up in the morning and go for a walk - not just good for health, it also expires you to experiences which don't be seen during the day. For example some local markets operate only in the wee hours of the day and they area perfect for great local shopping for healthy food too :)

10. Walk the neighbourhoods - its really tempting to see many things in a day, so many of us take  a cab/ bus/ tram and hop places. However, one of the best way to explore a new place is on foot. Get a little lost, ask for directions, find a hidden local cafe, like the one I found in Barcelona, and in the process burn some calories too.

11. Be open to home remedies - in an unfortunate scenario of you falling ill without a doctor around and your medicine box, be open to try local home remedies that you are comfortable with. For instance in India you might be offered a concoction of ginger, cloves and honey for bad throat, or xyz for nausea.

However each of one have our own individual needs, and planning should be done based on that. No list will suffice the requirements for each one of us, but the most important point here is to have a list of things which work for you.

Here's another brilliant article on fitness when you travel. Do check it out - How to keep fit while travelling.

Here's another bonus tip, especially if you are a breastfeeding mother on the go: Protein power for mums!

But what happens after travel?

Sometimes when we come back after an excellent vacation back to our regular life, for some it might take sometime to readjust while for a few others it could be a huge struggle.

Here's a personal account of a fellow travel blogger as she shares her experiences of post-travel depression: A massive case of post-travel depression.

So how do you handle it? 
Well, in my personal experiences, exercise helps a lot - it not only keeps you fit, it also distracts your mind. Also, it helps to other fellow-travelers and find common ways of handling it.

Never hesitate to seek help.


  1. Thank you for sharing such an awesome tips. It is recommend to stay fit when travelling.

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  3. For me 4 & 5 points are the most important. Good tips to keep thyself healthy always not just while travelling.

  4. Thanks for the tips they are very useful in the travelling

  5. Nice tips ... really helpful .... Thanks for sharing this!! :) :)

  6. A lot of less sugar and empty carbohydrates, and drink additional water than they did before! Progress is gradual at our place, however steady - which is that the goal for each family transitioning to raised health.

  7. Thanks for sharing these information. Traveling can take a toll on the body physically, mentally and emotionally. So we should follow these suggestions to keep ourselves healthy.


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