Review: Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss

Sometimes when you walk into your hotel room tired and exhausted after a long flight, all you want to do is sleep for a long long time. However, my room at Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss was so uniquely wonderful that I kept my bags on the side and took pictures! And later I made some nespresso, sat by the window and gazed outside at the Dresden Castle. In fact I did this quite often, I mean sitting by the window and gazing at the life around.

review Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss
Entrance to Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss

History of Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss

Located in the heart of the historic city center of Dresden and surrounded by numerous buildings in the style of late baroque architecture, the Swissôtel Dresden Am Schloss is an ideal starting point to explore the city with all of its facets. The hotel building itself is seeped in history and is full of stories. It is located in a historically significant location: even Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann (1662 - 1736) - court architect of Augustus II the Strong and builder of the Dresden Zwinger - lived in the same location. To honor him, a larger-than-life statue was affixed to the façade of the former building complex in 1936. A reconstructed sculpture of Pöppelmann today again adorns the Swissôtel Dresden Am Schloss.

The building which was destroyed in 1945 previously served as a so-called 'spiritual house' of the Dresden chapel boys as a boarding and training school. In 2010, the true to the original restoration of the building complex began, which was completed with the opening of the Swissôtel Dresden Am Schloss on April 01, 2012. The outside of the hotel today is composed of 12 different façades from various eras, some of which were reconstructed according to the historic paradigm and some of which were replaced by modern elements.

review Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss
Lobby of Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss

At the hotel

The restaurant Wohnstube indulges its guests with authentic Swiss cuisine with a Saxon charm. Fixed components of the seasonal menu include traditional Swiss dishes, such as Zürcher Geschnetzeltes and original Swiss butter Rösti [potato dish] with various sides. Many of the dishes offered, such as Swiss cheese fondue, are perfect for sharing, thereby promoting sociableness and communication at the table. Special care is placed on the use of high quality, mainly locally sourced, products when preparing the food. The characteristic design of the Wohnstube as well as the adjacent Wohnstube Lounge invite you to enjoy and get comfortable.

Opening hours:
À la carte: Mon. - Sat. 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Breakfast: Mon. - Sun. 06:30 am - 11:00 am
Brunch: Sunday11:30 am - 3:00 pm

The Pürovel Spa & Sport area at Swissôtel Dresden Am Schloss is another corner of this awe-inducing hotel that will reward careful exploration. An original vaulted cellar from the 15th century has been meticulously restored and finely balanced with the contemporary design.

The term ‘Pürovel‘ comes from Romansh – Switzerland’s fourth official language – and means ‘pure Alpine river’. It is a metaphor for Swissôtel Hotels & Resorts’ spa concept: natural materials like stone, wood and water are used to boost vitality.

I had a rather funny experience at the spa when I went in wearing a towel for modesty, but had to then enjoy the steam in the buff with many others all around. But hey, that's story for another post :)

The hotel offers a total of 235 rooms in 4 different room categories. I was in one of the simpler room but I was still bowled over by it. Though located inside such a historical building, the rooms are modern in every possible way. I also loved the inclined roof of my room - it was a childhood fantasy and I was so happy to live it in Germany :)

review Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss
My wonderful room!
review Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss
So relaxing...
review Swissotel Dresden Am Scholss
View of my room at midnight :)

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Disclaimer: I was in Germany on invitation of the German Tourist Office and Saxony Tourism Board. Needless to mention, all views expressed are unbiased and based on my own personal experiences.


  1. Love the spa! Its amazing how European design is at a whole different level. The juxtaposition of old and new must sure have made it very interesting to say the least!

    1. The spa is absolutely wonderful! I have the most embarrassing story from the spa and I shall develop courage and post it someday :) :)


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