Broadway show on a cruise? Welcome 'Grease' on Harmony of the Seas :)

There are Broadway shows which everyone loves, and then there is Grease - a show you either love with all you got, or hate to love! I am a hardcore Grease fan, and so is my twelve years old niece! None of us actually belong to the 'Grease' generation, yet the show has such a universal appeal that almost everyone can connect to it, and groove to it's music :)

grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
Danny and Sandy at the 'Grease' debut!
grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
Girls hanging out :)
grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
And boys hanging out :)

For those who do not know about the Grease, it's a musical which made it's debut in 1971 and based on the lives of working class youth sub-cultures called Greasers. The main characters are all teenagers from a fictional school called Rydell High School. Th original show launched in Chicago was quite raunchy, but over the years it's been mellowed down, though it might still shock many! Currently, the show is Broadway's 15th longest running show of all time!

But here is the big news! After its multiple long runs at Broadway and across the world on land, the show made a very unique debut recently - in the high sea, on Harmony of the Seas, world's biggest cruise ship! I still don't believe it, but I actually witnessed the first ever performance of the show on my first ever cruise trip recently, and needless to mention I loved it!!

This photo-story is simply my homage to a play I love, to the music I hum, to the performances which took my breath away and to experience that I shall always cherish! :)

Enjoy :)

grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
So much fun!
grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
A jock dancing away to glory...
grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
Food time!
grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
Cool Danny :)
grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
The original pyjama party :)

And here are some videos from the show too :)

Practical details

Booking needed? Yes and you can do it online itself after booking the cruise. There is no separate charge for it though.

Location? Playing in the ship's Broadway-style, 1,380-passenger theatre, the 90-minute show features all of the classic songs from the original production including Summer Nights, Greased Lightnin' and Born to Hand-Jive.

Timings? 3 times a week during the week-long cruise. Check the exact days when on-board.

And the cast?
Danny Zunco - Joseph Giacone
Sandy Dumbrowski - Laura Sillet
Rizzo - Sarah Drake
Kenickie - Nick Hayes
Doody - Michael

Planning for the show!

Finding the right people for the show was tough and this is what it's choreographer, Karen Bruce had to say about the process - “It was more than just finding great singers, dancers and actors – our cast have to be able to do all three at the highest level with presence worthy of the Harmony of the Seas stage.” (reference)

I also had a small chat with Michael who plays Doody and this is what he had to say about his experience of working in the show on Harmony of the Seas :)

'I auditioned in London for the role at danceworks studios near oxford street, it was three days of singing, dancing and a very sore body towards the end lol! I have always been a fan of "Grease" having always loved the movie, the music and it will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first musical i worked on in high school.

The experience so far has been intense, not only are we performing such an energetic show but we are doing it on the world's largest cruise ship and we are the original cast to do it so there has been a lot of pressure to deliver as we are setting the standard for future casts to follow. It has been absolutely incredible though and the chemistry behind the scenes is fantastic. We have an amazing cast of people who really get on with each other and more importantly support each other which is great. I've been performing for about 9 years now, having appeared in the world famous "Starlight Express" in Germany as well as many revue shows and pantomimes. I don't think I have a dream role yet, I would love to appear in Hairspray or Kinky Boots but my endgame is to be on TV and in movies, someday hopefully haha.'

grease broadway cruise harmony of the seas
And that's Danny once again :) 

If this does't excite you to book your first cruise, nothing will. Read my detailed tips and suggestions on planning your first cruise before you take the plunge :)

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Disclaimer: I was on-board the inaugural ride of Harmony of the Seas on invitation of Tirun, India. All views expressed above are unbiased and based on my own personal experiences.


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