The majestic Weesenstein Castle in Saxony, Germany

Built sometime in the 13th Century, Weesenstein Castle has long been the pride of the free state of Saxony. The castle was with the  Bünau family for 12 generations and they are largely responsible for the way the castle has evolved over the centuries. With a turn in their fortunes they had to let go of the castle and it evolved into a private property in the 19th Century as a secret residence of the Saxon kings! Did I mention I like 'secret' residences? Especially when it's connected to the Royalty, as they are often quite scandalous :)

Schloss Weesenstein, 1 germany saxony castle
Weesenstein Castle (pic credit: Rainer Lippert)

The castle has a special place in the history of Second World War as well, especially in relation destruction of Dresden in 1945. Most of the art and photography collection from Dresden was moved and safely kept here and that's believed to be the reason why the castle was spared the wide scale destruction of city. Thank god the castle lived's destruction would truly have been a loss.

Apart from the castle itself, there is also a chapel which is popular with the travelers. However, it's the baroque garden close-by which is not to be missed! It was commissioned Count Wackerbart in 1719 and completed by Augustus the Strong after 1723 (read more). The garden is one of the most authentic in Germany and if you are a baroque fan and visiting Dresden to explore baroque art form, this should certainly be on your plate. Interested now? Read more about the garden here - Baroque Garden.

Located at a convenient distance of just 20 km from the capital of Saxony, Dresden, the castle is a convenient day long trip. I was there in peak winters, yet the place was magical, though, unfortunately I missed the snowfall there...maybe another time :)

Weesenstein Castle scholoss saxony germany
Weesenstein Castle in Saxony
Weesenstein Castle scholoss saxony germany
The tower is the oldest part of the castle


Disclaimer: I was in Germany on invitation of the German Tourist Office and Saxony Tourism Board. Needless to mention, all views expressed are unbiased and based on my own personal experiences.


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  2. Post are very Nice,Picture are very beautiful.


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