Portraits from Pakistan make you fall in love with it's people...

Some click people while others click them to weave stories and to create magic. Hassaan from Islamabad, Pakistan is one of the latter kind and is the featured artist this week. His work on portraits capturing the people of Pakistan goes far beyond what you see - they also connect us in India to the people in his country. But he is not just a photographer, but a rather cool superstar like Molvi. Read on to know more about him :)

portraits people photo from pakistan girls
Three young girls...
So who is Hassaan?
Hassaan a.k.a Moulanta, Disco Molvi,, Taano & Jigr, Innovative brain roof-ted  with grey head and black beard is known to me since 07th day of Feb some 26 years ago. Being first child in my maternal family after 16 years, was welcomed like wine, celebrated like sacred treasure & loved like newlywed bride. Cost Management Accountant by Profession, Hobbyist Street Photographer, a proud Mullah ;) by heart and follower of typical pathetic Pathan mentality has made me a stead fast friend for those who can sense my silence & anguish. love to share and spend most of time with family at home, occasional traveler because of hectic routine at office. Nothing can scare me but sandal of my Ammii  (Mother).

As I said earlier, by profession, I am Chartered Management Accountant and currently doing job of accounts in a well reputed organization.

portraits people photo from pakistan young girl
Islamic education in Islamabad
portraits people photo from pakistan young boy
A young student...

My Childhood was wonderful if I get a chance I would like to go back into my childhood. Since it was carefree and tension free era there were no worries no responsibilities to cater for. I grew up in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. I was very active, lively and adventurous also. My grand mother (Naano) boosted up my confidence which was lacking in me in my childhood and encouraged me to see beauty around me and which helps me to become a better photographer.

What does photography mean to you Hassaan?
For me photography is an art of observing its about finding interesting and unique stories from an ordinary place. As Steve McCurry Said "For me photography is all about wandering & observing". Most of my pictures are grounded in people - I look for the unguarded moments and for the essential soul peeking out. When I go on a photo walk I usually don't plan plan much. I usually start looking for stories which are revolving around me.

portraits people photo from pakistan afghan refugee
A young Afghan refugee
portraits people photo from pakistan old man
A stare from Islamabad...
portraits people photo from pakistan a young boy
Wajid the truck art painter....
I love taking portraits because it captures the soul of the person, specifically the Eyes of the person eyes tell lot about the person, his/her stories, hardships. The fact is its very difficult to take pictures of strangers in Pakistan because of culture and norms. So i mostly take permission for the portrait. But i use a simple Technique always maintain an eye contact with your subject and always smile to them even if you cant establish a conversation. This will relax  the person and be more natural. The best tip is to smile and if you can give a nod. I ask their names, their stories and mostly they reply with some funny and adventurous stories.

Tell us more about your city Islamabad...
Islamabad is located in the Pothar Plateau in the northeastern part of the country. The region has historically been a part of the crossroads of Punjab and Khyber Pakhunkhaw with the Margalla Hill acting as the gateway between the two regions. The city was built during the 1960s to replace Karachi as Pakistan's capital. Islamabad is a well-organised international city divided into several different sectors and zones. It is regarded as the most developed city in Pakistan. For travelers Faisal Mosque, Margalla Hills, Pakistan Monument , View of Islamabad from Damn e Koh, Sunset over the Lake View Park are some things which are very interesting to see.

portraits people photo from pakistan boy
Eloquence of the eye...

portraits people photo from pakistan smile young girl
Smiling Kiran from Rawalpindi
portraits people photo from pakistan old man
Portrait in Cholistan desert of Punjab, Pakistan

So what's happening with your love life?
HAHAH Yaaaar I am just a simple jolly Disco Molvi who enjoys the company of his friends and yes I am single abhi tak ;)

Tell me your dream Hassaan...
"Hazaaron khwaishein aisi kay har Khwaish per Dam Niklay" :P My dream is to show the beauty of Pakistan through my photography, I want people to see Pakistan as I see it, not the way they see in Media. And to Travel the world. Afghanistan, India, Indonesia and Spain are on top of the List. and and i wanted to meet Steve McCurry and to work with him :))

Hassaan Tanwir photographer islamabad pakistan
Hassaan Tanwir
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  1. Your pictures are stunning! ALso, just an advice, set up your Twitter share button to show your username and a short text too :)

    1. Thanks Joanna, these are not my images but I am showcasing a photographer, Hassaan, from Pakistan here :)

      I thought I had set up the Twitter with short text and my handle...let me recheck why it's not working...

  2. Beautiful portraits! Even though they are not widely different from each other, I like how he demarcates the individual by light and angle, while maintaining the two pairs of eyes in focus. Thanks for sharing Hassaan's work.

    1. Absolutely! Hassaan is a master of light...there is much to learn from him :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Daniel! Hassaan's work is certainly very impressive...

  4. Wow such wonderful pictures.
    Nothing like clicking innocent faces. Hoping and wishing all of them have a bright future.

  5. Wonderful portraits! Love those deep eyes which convey a million stories.

  6. Awesome portraits, Great to see awesome works of Hassaan. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  7. Superb photos from Hassaan. Their eyes speak for themselves. Sid, Thank you for introducing him to us. :)

  8. Thanks Siddartha for sharing Hassan's works...they are really nice

    1. You are most welcome! His work is beautiful and inspiring, both...

  9. Sy syarief
    Trima kasih
    Sidharta saya sangat terkesan
    Dgn foto anda.nampak nyata



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