When I see a moment, I drop everything and run to capture it: Anuj Arora

Beginning this year, every week or so I will interview an artist and showcase his/ her work on the blog as well as my instagram page. Let us kick off the New Year with the first in the series today. I hope with this series we can go beyond the technique of photography and into the minds of the real person behind the camera.

Presenting the first artist of the series, Anuj Arora, a young 21 years old photographer from New Delhi. I have been following his work for over an year on Instagram and have been completely blown by it. I am sure this interview will certainly inspire you all, not just by his work but also his life's journey so far.

Anuj Arora instagram new delhi

So who is Anuj?
Have been asked this question many times always try to escape this question. Today I will answer this.  Anuj Arora is someone who has learnt to focus on things that matters and stop caring about the people who don't care about him. A man who always gives his best to whatever he loves. There are times when Anuj feels unsorted but he knows how to sort himself. He just can't lose his focus.

Anuj Arora instagram new delhi
A scene from the mountains
Anuj Arora instagram new delhi
Colors of desert...
Anuj Arora instagram new delhi
A scene from the desert
My childhood was fun, it was full of love and small small memorable moments. My parents gave me everything I ever wanted or I ever wished for they supported  me and never put pressure on me for anything which I think they should have. Might have made my parents proud in school, they never wished for it but I wanted to or may be they did never told me to. There are many special memories "Ek ho too batau!"

Anuj Arora instagram new delhi
Captured light..
Anuj Arora instagram new delhi
Scene from the old city
Anuj Arora instagram new delhi
An old woman reaching out to the prayer wheel...
Currently I am pursuing a degree in 3D animation and side by side I also have my own studio in New Delhi for commercial photography. I am a Bcom(h) graduate from DU. You'd be thinking a commerce graduate pursuing 3D animation. Well, I should have started my career in 3D anime after school only but at that time I wasn't aware of these options.

There was an incident sometime back which really impacted me and the way I looked at things. It took place exactly two years back in January. I planned a trip to Indrahar( trekking destination ) 4000m in Himachal Pradesh. I so wanted a picture of that peak that was lika a dream to me at that time. Just one week before leaving for the trip I got sick it was minor TB a disease known as pleural effusion when your left lungs fills with water. Doctor said it will take 9 months to get better and 2 months to return to normal temperature of the body. After 10 months, my condition was prefect according to me but not according to my parents. I again planned this trip in the month of feb this time everyone was saying no to go. Then, I had no choice but to go without listening to everyone. On 6th feb i climbed it. This incident made me curious to explore changed my point of view gave me a new GOALS.

So what is photography like to me?

When I see a frame or moment or a face, I see a moment happening in front of me. I drop everything and rush towards that moment to capture it, to save it. Whether I have to run as far as possible, whether I have to climb a truck which I did. Whether I have to do anything. I challenge myself, motivate myself that you will have to take this shot. This is the only field I've ever felt competitive for. 

Anuj Arora instagram new delhi
An moment captured!
Anuj Arora instagram new delhi

I am not perfect in the ability of visualizing but yes I've developed that sense to see a scene and plan a shot before pressing the shutter. There are times when I failed to get expected results, happens mostly because of bad compositions but When I do get expected result I feel satisfied, feeling like it was worth it

Do I like Someone?

I love someone. She is a wonderful person. Haven't told her yet and might not tell her ever but not because of rejection. I don't fear rejections as they are part of your life. I don't tell her because whatever is between us will definitely change. She won't smile at me the way she does. I'll tell you, the moment you will see her smiling and making an eye contact, you will definitely feel like magic. If I will tell her, I won't feel this magic again. 

So what is my dream?
My dream is to make my father proud of me by doing photography, by climbing mountains, capturing different cultures and people souls. My dream is to hear my Dad saying that his son is an artist. That will be my highest point of my life. That will give me peace and satisfaction. Getting published in magazines and on famous blogs is a goal not a dream.

Anuj Arora instagram new delhi
Anuj Arora

Connect with Anuj
If you have a project in mind for him, reach out on anujarora1123 [at] gmail [dot] com. I am more than convinced that his work and passion will add much value to your ideas.


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    1. Absolutely! Both his work and his story are inspiring...

  2. Great to read about Anuj, Awesome photography.

  3. Lovely series you have started Sid. And the story is inspiring. Looking forward to more such stories.

    Wish you a very Happy New Year too. :)

    1. Thanks so much Nisha...always great to talk to such talented and inspiring individuals. I do hope I can keep up with it through the year :)

      Happy New Year to you too :)

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