Project 365 - Tell Me Your Dream - Week 1

Starting this first of January, I started a project to collect and share dreams. Dreams of common people, the ones we meet on the streets everyday and never usually talk to. Or dreams of people who are just like us. Anyone's dream.

One dream, each day!

My hope is that I will meet and understand many more people, their lives, empathize with them and in the process make some new friends.


"I have everything already, and all I want is wellness for my family. I hope they get good food, and stay together always..."

Suvarna is our first feature and works as a maid at homes and offices. I know her for close to two years now and despite the language barrier, we get along rather well. She blushed and laughed uncontrollably when I asked her my question. Or maybe she just laughed at my weird ponytail!

Lalit Pant

"I dream of making a trip to Allahabad and Almora this year as my brothers and sisters are based there. So many memories from childhood are from there, especially from Almora where I grew up in pre-independence India. I can't walk around now, but my brother takes me around in car. There are many places where I would love to go even now, but it's impossible to go in a car there.

I did my higher studies in Allahabad so that place is also very close to me. We shifted there after I finished tenth, but had to return back to Almora due to independence movement; went back later for University. It would be nice to see them all again as some of the places are just the same as they were before independence."

Lalit Pant is 87 years old retired scientist who worked all his life at National Chemicals Laboratory in Pune. He now lives a relaxed life with his wife in the city. His two sons are settled in Hyderabad and USA. His still loves Himalayas and goes there once in a few years.


"A week in a Buddhist monastery.....nestled in the midst of snowy mountains. Buddhist Monks and their lifestyle have always intrigued me. Their simple life is laced with so much color and art; the deep earthy colors of their robes, their ritual of creating intricate colorful Mandalas, the architecture of the monastery, their rituals, the stupid, the ethereal."

I have known Rolland for many years now. We worked together some amazing projects in a design studio, but that was years ago. Now we are again in the same city and meet up for coffee, books and discussing dreams.

Prakash Patel


"I dream of getting lots and lots of money. Once I have money I can get all that I want. I also have a plan to make this happen. I will expand my business and open more tea shops as tea making is the only skill I actually have. I will also hire additional staff, but even then I would still continue to make tea."

Prakash Patel originally hails from a small village near Udaipur in Rajasthan (not Gujarat, as I originally thought). His family does farming in the village but there was just not enough money. So four males from the family moved to Pune about an year back and now they all live together and have their own tea stalls. His shop's name is 'Om Sai'. Prakash's wife and two kids stay in the village and he visits them once a year.

Let's collaborate
I also intend to collaborate extensively for this project by inviting invitations from India as well as anywhere in the world. You don't need to be on Instagram to participate, all you need is a story and a dream. It would be just about anyone, it could also be you.

Tips on approaching the subjects
So here are more details on how we can do this together. I have a set of suggestions, and you are welcome to use them, if you think they are useful. Check out my Instagram feed to see how these stories are evolving there.

1. It usually helps to develop a rapport with the subjects before your ask personal questions. I usually talk a lot, a little about myself also. Ask them about who they are, their families, why they do what they do and so on...

2. Sometimes asking about a dream makes little sense, so you can ask it indirectly also. It can be a derivative from a conversation also. But try and keep the voice of subject intact.

3. Take explicit permission from the subject before taking their picture. With street photography I usually don't take permission, but for this project I do.

4. I am also planning to give a picture to everyone I click for this project, but it's optional.

Once you have the information, you can share the same at my email ID -

For Instagram users, it would be great if I can share the portrait and the story on the feed first and then your can repost on your feed after that. I hope that works :)

I hope this doesn't sound preachy. I know that all of us know it all already.

Welcome on-board, and be a Dream Catcher :)

P.s.the project will run throughout the year on my Instagram account and I will share a weekly round-up at the end of each week.