A twitter follower in a Jaisalmer village!

lodurva lodhruve jain temple jaisalmer rajasthan
Sumer Singh (left) with his friend

Lodhruva Jain temple was the last place to visit before lunch, and we were all very tired. However, as I walked out of the car I saw really interesting people sitting together and just enjoying the afternoon. As I approached these two young men, I actually did something I usually do not ever do - I asked for permission to click them!

And immediately came the reply (in Hindi), 'Of course Siddhartha Joshi, you can click us!'

For a couple of seconds it didn't even register to me that he took my name, and when it did, I was so confused that I didn't even know how to ask him anything! He saw me zapped, and so smiled and said my name again. Sensing my utter confusion he finally told me that his name was Sumer Singh Rathore and that's when it struck me...he was one of my recent twitter follower who had also been actively following my tweets about Jaisalmer!

But can you beat that? A twitter follower in one of the smallest and most far flung villages of India!!! I was zapped beyond belief...and just kept laughing after I heard that. Especially for someone like me, who is an absolute non-entity on twitter, to have a fan-follower here was simply the best thing that could have happened! The Best Thing!

Life surprises you in the most unusual places in the most unusual ways. To me this best describes the whole essence and joy of traveling...


Sumer also writes a blog, and you can read about his version of the meeting at this location - The Song of Sumera.