Male to Male Full Body Massage in Varanasi, India

Now it's not often that we Indians indulge in full body male to to male full body massage, so when my friend Pawan recently volunteered to try it out on a ghat in Varanasi, a rather funny story was immediately born. Read on for more :)

Varansi Massage: Experiments of a Friend!

It was early morning and we were already tired after our swim in the river Ganga on the ghat. This is when my friend Pawan decided to experiment with some really heavy dose massage session with the messieurs of Varanasi early in the morning itself and heavily recommended it to me as well. After looking at how intimate the session was, I was skeptical and decided to give it a miss, at least initially!

The massage basically started with the back. After about good 10-15 minutes of back massage the masseur moved to the feet and I think this is where Pawan also dozed off. The masseur really looked like an expert as he picked one finger at a time and relaxed them all individually. The buttocks are not spared either, with some very intense handiwork there as well. Every time, the masseur's hands have them a squeeze, he would wince and I would laugh without making any sound. This was all very hilarious till my poor friend was asked to turn over!

What? Now will you fondle me also?

If the back was intimate, the front was even more so, with the masseur's hands moving all over him without any discrimination :) Pawan bore it all with grace, even though I was sure he wanted to punch the masseur right then! But it was all in good humour. The masseur was doing his best to please my friend, and actually looked quite competent with his hands. Ignoring the intimacy bit, he actually gave a really good massage and Pawan woke up much refreshed and relaxed after that. So much so that he even tipped the masseur very well!

While Pawan was getting pleased, I decided to walk around and click people. On the ghats of Varanasi, its usually only men that you can click, but they are wonderful subjects nevertheless. Have a look at some of them here.

The images below will surely give you an idea of what I am talking about :)

male to male full body massage varanasi bulge erect india ghats intimate man rubbing
Toe massage seems to give the most pleasure to a man!
male to male full body massage varanasi ghats intimate man rubbing india
I took this one only to show how intimate it all was! Lol!
male to male full body massage bulge erect varanasi ghats intimate man rubbing india
I think Pawan slept off, even when his back was being chopped!
male to male full body massage varanasi bulge erect hardon ghats erection erotic intimate man rubbing india
When the masseur comes dangerously close to the crotch and beyond!

Pawan took a holy plunge in to the Ganga right after that (every plunge in the river in Varanasi qualifies to be holy), and came out looking even more refreshed and enthusiastic. Post the dip, we walked around for hours in the sun.

I also got massaged! :)

Towards the end of the day I was tired and decided to try out the massage, only to provide some relief to my aching muscles (spent a major part of the day swimming). Also, the high of the legally consumed bhang also made me more open to experiment.

What can I say...the massage is actually great and I completely loved it. Not only it relaxed my muscles, it also made me sleep for a short while and I got up fairly refreshed. However, as my massage session got over (it took a good 45 minutes for Rs 300), it was almost time for the famous Ganga aarti. As I looked around, I saw hundreds of men and women simply staring at me. I must mention I was fairly embarrassed. Anyway what followed was a jump into the river...the cold water was so relieving...

So I would recommend these massages to all guys (no massage for women, at least not on the ghats), it actually feels really good. I tried out the one without oil, but I guess its more of a personal choice.

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  1. This really looks wonderful! Thank you.

  2. I would somehow doubt that an experienced masseur would have the slightest interest in "arousing" your friend. Somewhat puerile take on a time-honoured tradition.

    1. Not at all, I think he just did his part. It's just a funny take on how things happened because we discussed it even later and I found how he was quite embarrassed. Not to fault the masseur at all, just that we are not used to it...


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