Flying boys of Varanasi!

As I walked past a ghat on a warm afternoon in Varanasi, I heard a couple of young boys call out to me. They had seen my camera and wanted me to click them take the plunge in the cool water, and I immediately agreed. I had nothing else to do anyway for the afternoon and it was fun interacting with them and learning about them.

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These boys were actually the coin collectors - they would take these plunges numerous times in a day to collect coins that people throw into the river while making a wish or with the pooja-samagri. Their existence wasn't a secret and they were completely accepted as part of the life in the city.

Interestingly, some of them also practiced kushti, the traditional Indian wrestling, in the afternoons at an akhara near by.

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desi underwear boys bulge bathing varanasi photo
Taking a plunge, yet not missing the camera :)

desi underwear boys bulge bathing varanasi photo
Star of the afternoon! 

desi underwear boys bulge bathing varanasi photo
Bathing afterwards!

desi underwear boys bulge bathing varanasi photo
Everyone having fun - teasing their friend!

On another visit to Varanasi, I met another group of guys who took plunges into the river - but simply for fun! Some of them were students at the Vedic school and had the weekend off, while the rest of them were their friends. Either way, they were simply having sun on a hot afternoon.

A few were far more brave than the others, and climbed up on the walls and took a rather deep jump into the water. It was a bit risky because it was impossible to anticipate the submerges steps, but they seemed confident. Here are a couple of their videos! Enjoy :)

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


  1. That first shot is amazingly timed. Great pics.

  2. Wow, great videos and pics! I am amazed to see how these kids jump into the water for collecting few coins. They do it so easily and they are not even trained to do the same. Well, I have also seen the same instances live at Bedaghat of Jabalpur City. I was surprised to see those kids and they were enjoying it a lot.
    OMG! Though I liked watching these children but it’s so risky and dangerous. Climbing up on the walls is not easy. It is good they are enjoying but in my opinion they should jump under someone’s supervision to stay safe.
    I am planning to explore India very soon and would love to jump with these children. I want to enjoy with them and if they don’t mind then I would learn from them how do they find the coins in the deep water. It’s an interesting activity.

  3. thank you for sharing about this beautiful place

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