Mumbai to Goa in a sea Cruise Ferry - a dream finally coming true!

This New Year’s Eve parties on the beach won’t be the most fun thing to do in Goa. Come December and you can reach India’s favourite beach destination in the most fun way possible - a cruise! Yes, you heard it right :)

Mumbai to Goa ferry  (image not from the actual route; image ref)

Though it’s not the first time such a service would run between the two coastal cities, for our generation it would certainly be the first opportunity to try this sea route. The service was announced recently by Union Transport minister, and more details are eagerly awaited. However, what we do know is that travel to Goa as we know it, is about to change for good.

I am actually very keen to see what kind of ferry/ boat will actually be introduced and what kind of fares can there be for these trips. From my experience of using ferries in other countries, they often have a tiered approach to the boats and price. Most recently I was in Cambodia hopping islands, and used such a ferry there. The ferries weren’t government run, and there were options to pick from. There was also a fast and a slow ferry with a different fare. I have also seen a similar concept of fast-slow ferries while traveling to islands in Hong Kong, travel to Zanzibar in Tanzania, as well as traveling through the fjords in Norway.

So if I were to make my own set of expectations from this ferry, here are some:

1. Tiers for different rates and facilities - air-conditioning in at least one tier is a must!
2. Fast and slow ferries both should co-exist
3. Food and drinks on-board
4. Option of online booking for the ferry trips (something like IRCTC is for trains)
5. Kids activity area
6. Stops on the way where people can get down (wish)
7. Ample washrooms
8. Cultural orientation for the two cities based on direction of travel - booking tours on-board
9. Nice open deck - enjoy water, dance
10. First-aid to tackle sea sickness

My last trip to Goa was in the monsoon earlier this year, and I took the most boring route possible to reach the state. However, on the way back to Pune, we took a train and I was mesmerised by the beauty of western ghats. It was slow travel, but absolutely worth it. However, for me the best way to travel to Goa is by a road-trip - with numerous stop overs. My hope is that with this new ferry things might change and it might become my most favourite way to reach my most favourite beach destination in the country!

How about you? Would you give it a try? Also, what could it mean for the tourism industry in general for the region?


  1. It's really exciting that ferry services are going to begin for Mumbai to Goa. Then traveling to goa would be like the cherry on the cake. Recently I took a long ferry ride in the Andaman Islands and it was an amazing experience.

    The ferry ride was comfortable as it was furnished with a pantry where they were serving hot beverages, continentals which are fresh and made the ferry ride a soothing journey.

    Washrooms were managed and the cruise was properly equipped with safety types of equipment. Cruising through the clean blue-green sea with the side of the mountains, adorned with lush green herbs was quite a scene to be remembered throughout the life. looking forward to some more fun-filled experience with Goa- Mumbai Ferry. Thanks for sharing such an exciting information, praying for its earliest execution.

  2. So excited.. but please update how do we go about booking the trickets..

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  4. good article. i like it very. nice information for sharing.



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