Sailing in the fjords...

Sometimes drinking-till-you-explode isn't the best way of celebrating the beginning of the weekend (key word here is sometimes). There are other much nicer ways, especially if you are in Norway and your colleague at works has his own sailing boat, and likes you enough to invite you for a ride after work. The fact that sun doesn't set till about 10pm helps you enjoy for hours after work, and enjoying on a sailing boat is quite an unmatched experience.

I have few tips on how to own your own sailing boat, but I can surely give you one if you are planning on going for a ride in any Scandinavian country - carry some good clothing for protection from cold and chilly winds. And of course carry some wine, or maybe beer (none of which we carried).

Some pictures from the sail in the fjord, Lysefjord to be more specific...

One of the boats on the left was ours
Wish I was staying in one of these right next to the sea

Ah! that's me...
Just a random island and a random boat

My favorite bridge in the town (there aren't many actually) as this is really close to home and enhances the city skyline

Back to the parking lot :)


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