When was the last time you did something for the first time. In Water :)

I never quite realized how many fun and adventurous experiences I have had in life already, and it was only when I recalled these that I realized that life really has been fun so far! Alive is Awesome campaign so far has actually allowed me to relive these moments once again and I am really glad about that :)

We had all already walked deep into the Arabian sea, and could see the the ships far of into the sea at one side and bits and pieces of sand on the other. The fact that we could all swim, actually made us way more adventurous and excited with the high waves. I had never been so far deep into the sea, but the thrill of being there was great. Each wave of salty gushing sea water lifted us off our feet and crashed us back into water.

The rush of playing around in water had made us all very happy and crazily we decided that the coolest thing to do this at this stage would be skinny dipping :) Within minutes we were in our birthday suits, neck deep in water and waiting for the next wave to crash into. Its not so often that we do something for the first time, and today was one such day. It was all fun and great till one of us forgot that waves were our only protection and walked comfortably out of water.We were in splits laughing at him, while he ran back into water trying to pretend that it was rather a cool thing to do.

Once out, we dug deep holes in sand, immersed ourselves and later went back to water to rinse ourselves. There were all sorts of drunk sports in-between including sand-wrestling, Bollywood dancing, making human pyramids in water and so on. The place was deserted and we were having so much fun that it seemed like there was a catch, but it was one of those days when everything goes on well.

We slept for a few hours post our water escapades on the beach to the beautiful sound of Arabian sea while town of Diu also simply yawned in afternoon slumber. The pleasure of relaxing after a great water session is simply unmatched...


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