Trekking at Point Lobos - why talk controversy here?

Sometimes the weirdest thoughts come to mind when you least expect them to. Saumitr mentioned during dinner last night that Britishers weren't as brutal in India as the Spanish were in the Americas. Our race wasn't exactly annihilated and culture wasn't killed as it was done over here. I felt really weird about it, kind of extremely sad about how the original inhabitants were wiped off and the new migrants completely took over. But why am I complaining, is that now how cultures and socialites grow and sustain? Something doesn't quite feel right, even though this happened a few hundred years ago...

Why am I writing this on my travel blog here? Just for the sake of unnecessary controversy? For me these are thoughts triggered by the travels as well as the people I meet. They mean something to me...of course I do not judge anyone based on these, my experiences so far have been pretty amazing. The thought lingers still...

The very cute Moss Landings Cafe

Another thought that bothered me last morning was the constant fight that the man has against nature for his own sustenance, primarily triggered by looking at planes spraying insecticides in the field on the way to Monterey/ Carmel. The thought lingers on and bother me still...we are fighting against nature to be able to live and on the other hand also fighting hard to maintain it. Something really fascinating about this dichotomy.

One of the most beautiful spots on the trail...
A happy seal :)
Views like this were plenty...and everywhere!
I loved these very small flowers, pretty much everywhere on open ground

Anyway the images here are from one of the most beautiful areas in California - Point Lobos. Its stunning beyond belief, its the perfect meeting ground for sea, land, mountains, forests...and sky. I can never thank enough Abhinav for the weekend trip.

Fascinated by the flora...some unbelievable colors
That's Abhinav risking his life for my shot :)
I really wish I could've gone into the water
The not-so-hidden Hidden Beach (too cold to even consider getting into water)


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