Gujarat Darshan - Kera (Kutch)

Kera is located at a distance of about 25 km from Bhuj in Kutch and takes about 45 minutes to reach by car.

On the way to Kera
Kera town, steps to the Dargah
It was summers when I visited the village for a project with my team member Muzayun and our tour guide, the local health officer. It was only towards the evening that we got free and got to explore the town, and we surprisingly found it to be beautiful and full of archeological remains.

The most prominent of these is the Dargah and the grave-yard close by. There is also a very old Shiva temple, which we just saw from the jeep, but sadly didn't have time to stop by and explore.

-- Siddhartha Joshi 

Dargah from outside
Dargah courtyard
The Dargah entrance
Dargah from outside
As we entered the gate
Dargah interiors
The structures outside
Another view outside

The grave-yard is absolutely stunning and was completely unexpected for me. Its vast and full of closely spaced graves, and all in carved stones. I couldn't get down to explore the place more as it was already dark and we had to return back to Bhuj, but would love to go back to see more of the place someday.

The graveyard
The graveyard


  1. Unique post. I like the Steps to Dargah photo.

  2. Actually all graves are preserved well, quite different.

  3. I kinda like the "poetry" in their seeming solitary beauty. What an amazing place to visit.

  4. @Sridharan: Thanks, the steps were surely very nice...

    @Dhiraj: Thanks!

    @Abhishek: Yes, they were very well preserved. And all of them very intricately carved...

    @Eye: :), thanks!

  5. Gujarat is known for it pilgrimage wildlife and Gujarati food. Kutch is place which is know for all of three. I personally like the Rann of Kutch - the fair. It is full of fun amd masti over there. Four days are having too many things....

  6. You are right also a BIG fan of Gujarati food :)

    And of course 'Rann' is one of the best places to be in...anywhere in India!

  7. The first picture stole my heart. You know. I don't read your posts. Just gape at the pictures. And now I feel like a stalker. Sigh. I am like the kid who discovered a new past time. Your blog being the IT! :-)

  8. I am glad you liked the pictures, this is from my old camera just before it died out...

    And I would really like it if you read the posts as well, I guess the pictures would make much more sense then (or so I think)...though am extremely glad this space is your past time :)

  9. Of course I will read. I have an obsessive compulsive disorder to read everything in front of me. And in spite of that your pictures grasp all of my attention. :-)

  10. After reading your blog, I am convinced that you have an obsessive compulsive disorder to read everything in front of you :) Its an enviable obsession though!

  11. And your comments totally made my day. I am all chuffed for the day. :-)



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