Travel Underwear guide for men who love to explore the world!

When you travel an underwear is the least seen, and often forgotten as well. However, this little piece of garment can have an important impact on your travels, especially if it's not comfortable or suitable to your style.

I've often been asked by my friends about the best travel underwear for men, and to help answer this question I decided to write an on this. Everyone travels differently and I didn't want it to be only about me, but also include the views of other male travellers who travel in different conditions and have different preferences. So I asked this on social media and received many different answers. Based on these replies, I decided to curate this list.

underwear travel men amazon
Travel underwear for men 

It was also interesting to notice that the even though choice of travel underwear is often comfort and practicality, many other factors play a role in this like personal style, whether or not you are traveling with your partner or hope to meet someone special there, among others. The list below tries and reflects these preferences as well. Also this is just the first part of the list, and I shall do a follow-up list with more details soon.

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In travel mode! 
underwear travel men India photo amazon
Keeping it simple!

This is also a living list and I shall keep adding more to it based on the feedback that I hear from you all. If you have something to share, please leave a comment below.

A. Underwear to match your style

Now the battle between boxers, trunks and briefs has been going on for a while and it's almost impossible to pick a clear winner. People pick one over the other and it's not that easy to change their minds as it's based on personal preference and style. So here are some cool options in descending order of size.

1. Boxers
These are arguably still relatively new in India for men to use as underwear, but have become increasingly popular especially in urban areas. They are loose and comfortable, but don't quite provide the support that you might need at times. The good thing about boxers is that you can wear these by themselves, and that works quite well as well in informal settings - like homes, chilling with friends, and on beaches.

2. Trunks
Now, trunks are a mix between boxers and briefs - they provide the best of both worlds, almost. You get the support that briefs provide, and also cover more. For those, who get skin irritation because of the briefs, these are perfect too. They may not be as sexy as the briefs, but have quite a bit going for them to be very popular with men these days.

trunks underwear travel men amazon
Trunks worn in style on the beach

3. Small trunks
Small trunks are like trunks, but as the name suggests they are smaller in size. They are getting quite popular as they allow you to show off your legs well, yet provide moderate coverage. Unlike briefs, they don't itch too.

trunks underwear travel men amazon
Small trunks - look great if you are fit!

4. Briefs
In India, briefs have been the most popular style of underwear for men and continue to be that way. There are so many brands and sub-styles in this category, that it'll be absolutely impossible to cover them all. I only have one here below but I promise that I shall add more options with time.

briefs underwear travel men amazon
Briefs - still the most popular style for men in India

5. Mini-briefs
Low waist clothing is everywhere, and the world of underwear is no different. These are smaller and can be very flattering on the body with he right attitude.

6. Bikini-brief
Now bikini-briefs are a little bit risqué, yet many men prefer to wear them. As they say, if you the body to flaunt, you must do it.

underwear travel men India photo amazon
Bikini briefs - for those who dare!

B. Underwear for specific needs

When you travel, sometimes it's not just the style but also the features that play a role in deciding which underwear you wear. Here are some features which are rather important for making the right choice for picking a travel specific underwear.

1. Anti-odour underwear
This underwear is specifically designed to reduce the odour when you are on the go. The Briefs is enriched with silver ions to curb the growth of odour-causing bacteria which thrive on sweat. It will smell fresh even on constant use.

anti microbial underwear travel men India photo amazon
Anti microbial underwear for men

2. Underwear with storage pocket
Now this feature is innovative and can be quite handy for storing valuables. However, the space is quite limited so you can only keep the most important things there.

pouch storage underwear travel men India photo amazon
Underwear with storage pouch

3. Seamless underwear
Now seamless underwear are those which don't have any seams at all. No seams mean no itching and even faster drying. These are some of the simplest underwear, and with the right attitude can look great on you.

seamless underwear travel men India photo amazon
Seamless underwear for men

4. Disposable underwear
Sometimes when you travel, there isn't an option to wash and change your underwear. This is where disposable underwear come handy. Frankly I've never used such an underwear before but was introduced to it on a recent travel by a group of European backpackers.

C. Underwear choice based on material

This is quite an important criteria for picking an underwear and there are also multiple options available based on what one needs.

1. Cotton
Cotton is the best material for a clothing that's so intimate, and that's the reason that it's the most preferred material for underwear for both men and women.

cotton underwear travel men India photo amazon
Cotton underwear 

2. Synthetic - quick drying

For me cotton is certainly the preferred material, but sometimes cotton takes longer to dry, especially when you are hiking. For these and many other similar occasions, a synthetic underwear would work really well too.

When it comes to quick drying, ExOfficio underwear are apparently unbeatable. They are breathable, quick-drying ultralight mesh keeps you cool and comfortable.

Here's another more affordable option.

3. Mesh underwear
Now, mesh underwear is perhaps only for those who have the perfect beachbody and intend to flaunt it on a beach vacation. It looks great, is extremely airy and dries within minutes. However, it's a bit of a niche underwear and is not yet mainstream.

4. Silky underwear 
As the name suggests, these underwear, though not made with silk, feel like it when worn. They are thin, airy and feel great on the body. Again, this isn't something that everyone will wear, but those who do, certainly swear by it!

D. Underwear for the active travellers

Many of us, including me, love adventure when we travel - hiking, trekking, working out in the nature (especially beaches) and so on. For some of these special needs, these following underwear work well. Actually they work well even if you are working out in a city, so you are that person, don't forget to pack these when you go on a vacation as well.

1. Compression shorts
Compression shorts are great if you love working out as they promote blood flow and can help improve athletic performance when you exercise. They come in numerous colors, shapes and textures, and here's one such shorts.

2. Jock strap
Jock strap is the typical gym wear which men wear when they do heavy lifting. So if you love working out on the go and planning to stay in a hotel with a good gym, taking them along is essential.

3. Langot
Langot is the traditional indian men's underwear that slowly making it's way back to the current generation. Often worn by wrestlers when they do kushti, they are also popular in gyms. They can also make good travel companion - you'll look good in them and you can make an interesting statement on the beach by sticking you an Indian garment when everyone else is otherwise similarly dressed.

4. Going commando
And finally, not everyone likes to wear an underwear at all, and some men do prefer to go commando. It's a question of personal choice and comfort. There's no special recommendation for that, just make sure you pick the right clothes!

cotton underwear travel men India photo amazon
Yes, going commando is an option too!

No matter what we do, it's of outmost importance to chill and relax when we travel. So wear what you do, make sure you give yourself time and don't forget to take a break and soak in the sun.

cotton underwear travel men India photo amazon
Soaking in the sun!


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