Flight conversations that last forever...

To start this post I will have to go back many days in the past - to a dinner party hosted by TI at his home where many of us shared memorable conversations with strangers during flights. Some had the best chats of their lives with these strangers, while for others these were situations they had to actually run away from. I also thought about it then, but couldn't come up with any story which had stayed with me. So I decided to focus next time and see if memories could be built that way.

conversations during flights
Conversations in the air (picture credit: Pixabay)

To be frank my experiment failed miserably. I had to catch up a flight at 6 am and was barely awake during the flight and made absolutely no connect with my equally sleepy co-passenger.

But I did have a good chat with the cabby - yes I took a cab in Stavanger, my first time ever! We didn't exchange names but did talk about our countries of origin - India and Turkey. But the most interesting bits were about his initial struggles of learning Norwegian language and his complete failure to understand the constant disappointment of the locals with Stavanger weather.

'It's the regular weather man - the rains and lack of sunshine. It's the same weather all year round and I don't understand why does everyone complains about it. Praise if its better than regular and complain if it's worse, but complaining about 'everyday weather' everyday is incomprehensible.'

He had a point and made me think about how often we do it for so many other things - being critical of things even when they are just being themselves. See I made things into a person already :)

Conversation quickly moved to Mumbai and Istanbul, and soon we were at the airport. we wished each other good sleep - I was his last pickup for the day and I was hoping to catch some sleep in the flight.

I bought some cheap and horrible coffee at the airport, which is a rarity in Norway and a muffin to fill my belly. Flight was completely uneventful though, and I slept quite peacefully. The air-hostess came but she didn't wake me up to offer any coffee, and I was rather happy about it.

Amsterdam came soon and I walked out happily to meet up with my awesome friend T :)


This is part of my series 'Boring Travel Tales', where I will recount all the mundane things that happen when I am moving cities, countries and continents. Some of these could be inspiring, while others could be depressing as I have simply no control over who happens on these exciting (or not) trips :)

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  1. It's so interesting chatting to people on the plane. You find out lots about people from different places. I am renouned for long conversations with people in airports.

  2. I love chatting with taxi drivers. They're usually fonts of information... and banal conversation. Thanks for the giggle.

  3. I like to have short conversations, but no more than 10 minutes. My plane time is my down time, nap time and work time haha. In my zone, leave me alone! As for cabs well I rather not talk at all haha.

  4. I love this article! It’s funny and charming. I love having conversations with locals when I travel. It’s part of the experience. Looking forward to reading more posts like this.

  5. I'm not a big fan of chatting it up with seat mates, mainly because I don't like being that physically close with strangers. But I love talking with taxi drivers! They are a wealth of insider scoop and insight and are usually quite candid (and funny). I think some of my best travel memories often include at least one taxi driver.

  6. Interesting idea of 'Boring Travel Tales'. Sometimes the mundane is not as mundane as it seems, if it is presented in a non-mundane way. We have met quite a few chatty cab drivers..I remember the one in Zagreb, who I thought was no different from the one who transported us in Jodhpur :)

  7. Having a conversation with a taxi can be interesting and sometimes bizarre (cabby in New York). It is easier to chat when you are travelling alone. Although make sure you don't talk too loudly, on a night flight from Dubai, one person kept the whole cabin informed about her life for at least 6 hours!

  8. I agree with one of the above comments that sometimes the most mundane seeming moments can turn out to be really interesting while traveling. Sometimes the most that you talk to locals is in the taxi cab when they drive you from point a to point b and you can learn so much about where you are!

  9. Interesting idea "Boring Travel Tales". And the mundane-ness of the flights did bring a smile :) The cab driver did say some profoundly wise things, though!

  10. This was a super quirky, and awesome post. I love the idea of "Boring Travel Tales" because there is so much more to travel than the crazy awesome adventures and amazing happen-stance meetings. It's a lot like living abroad - especially long-term travel, and those ten-minute cab ride convos can be just as memorable to you, even if they're "boring" to others.


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