Dutch cheese, and revenge of the babies!

Hmmm. So much cheese!

I had already purchased quite a bit at the Central Station in Amsterdam city, but was tempted once again at the airport and decided to give into my imaginary temptation and buy some more cheese, and a few cheese cutters as well. I had some excellent Goat cheese in the city during the day, and this convinced me, against my better judgement, to buy some more at the airport. Predictably, this lot of goat cheese went bad by the time it was opened in a grand ceremony at home some days later. So much for trying to impresses my mother with exquisite Dutch cheese...

dutch cheese amsterdam international airport
Cheese and more cheese! (picture credit: Pixabay)

Any flight to India is usually quite eventful and this was no different. There were crying babies (many many of them), lunch boxes, smell of achaar, bottles of liquor from duty-free shops and lots of chatter - in short, I already felt at home even in the air :)

My co-passenger on the window seat didn't really speak much and we communicated little apart from multiple embarrassed smiles. The source of these smiles was his rather frequent loo breaks. The funniest (or maybe the most unfortunate) was when he decided that he had to use the loo urgently right after dinner, even before our plates were picked up. As I got out in the aisle, he tried to come out in a dash and in the process dropped both our plates (with a bit of leftover food) on the floor. No help was forthcoming and we had to clean all our mess; I am guessing the air hostess was a bit riled with us after this and I felt a bit ignored during the rest of the journey. On another occasion he dropped both our cups (thankfully empty) on his way out.

crying baby flight
A typical crying baby (picture credit: Pixabay)

As always landing in India was the most fun part of the journey with multiple babies crying out loud in unison. I wonder if the kids were conspiring against all adults, taking their revenge on one and all. I personally feel the revenge must be limited to torturing their parents, but unfortunately such radical opinions are unpopular with the babies and always disregarded.

Such intolerance baba! Kya hoga re!


This is part of my series 'Boring Travel Tales', where I will recount all the mundane things that happen when I am moving cities, countries and continents. Some of these could be inspiring, while others could be depressing as I have simply no control over who happens on these exciting (or not) trips :)

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  1. While traveling, either on the plane or better still in the Indian trains, you come across so many stories. Stories of ordinary people that transform into the extraordinary. I find train travel in Indian Railways a great experience as you meet the diversity that is India head on, which makes for really interesting experiences and stories.

    1. I agree...all modes of travel are always so full of stories. I can never get bored of travelling :)

  2. Haha...babies and flights! Thankfully, haven't experienced that yet. And cheese going bad...that must've been awful. Hope it hasn't put you off cheese :)

    1. I am sure you will experience it sooner or later - they are always out there to take revenge on us adults :) :)

  3. This is a fun series that you put out here. We all can relate to these stories.

    1. Thank you so much - I enjoy writing these as well :)


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