eVisa Applications for Indian Tourists

One of the best implementations from governments all around the world is that Indian Nationals can now apply for tourist visas online. No need to visit an embassy anymore, at least for some countries. Back when I started doing international travel a decade back, there was no such provision and each visa required either working with an agent or visiting the embassy itself, sometimes multiple times! I still remember the harrowing time I had when I obtained visa for Italy. Unfortunately, for an Italian visa you still need to go the conventional way (visit vfs centre in your city), but for many other countries as diverse as Bahrain, Sri Lanka and Kenya now there is an option to obtain an e-visa.

You can check visa requirements easily here with iVisa.com to determine if you qualify for an eVisa.

Cambodia (image source: Pixabay)

But what exactly is an eVisa?

An eVisa literally translates into an electronic visa i.e. no stamp or label appears on your passport when you are granted the visa. It has the exact same validity as a stamped visa, and you are allowed access in the country just like the conventional visa.

Though I love to see the stamp of a visa on my own passport, it actually makes sense for countries to opt for e-visas. And the obvious reason is that it's almost impossible to have a fake e-visa, while the conventional visas might be forged in case of many countries. E-Visas also represent quite a bit of saving of manpower and resources as well, both for the applicant as well as the host country.

The way things are moving, I have a feeling that within a few more years, stamped visas might be a thing of the past, at least for most countries. My first e-visa was for Australia and it was a few years back, and now I can already see a shift happening for many other countries.

Who are the countries that offer Electronic Tourist Visas to Indians?

Countries e-visa opportunity for Indians

The Kingdom of Bahrain also offer eVisas to Indian citizens and it may take anywhere from 3-5 business days for approval so make sure you apply ahead of time.

Note: The eVisa will be valid for 14 days, you need a valid Passport (6 months of validity), return flight ticket, be outside of Bahrain in order to apply. You have to use your Bahrain eVisa within 30 days of its approval and can't apply for a new visa if your existing visa is unused or has not expired.

Indian citizens can also apply for the Cambodian tourist visa. It allows tourist 30 days to travel this magnificent country.  When you travel with an eVisa to Cambodia, its important to note that you can ONLY enter Cambodia through the following Ports of Entry: Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, Poi Pet (Banteay Meanchey), Bavet (Svay Rieng), Cham Yeam (Koh Kong).

Also, did you know that Cambodia is a land of sunrise and sunsets? Check this out: Gorgeous sunsets on the beaches of Cambodia!

Notes: You will need a valid passport, digital passport photo and answer a few personal questions in order to complete your order.

Indian citizens can apply for the Kenyan tourist visa online. The approval can take up to 72 hours, so plan accordingly to have enough time. Simply complete the online form. The Kenyan eVisa covers visits of up to 30 days and comes with a single (one) entry for tourism or business. If you want to stay longer then you can apply for a visa extension once in Kenya at the NPRA offices.

Notes: You will have to submit a travel itinerary as well as a hotel booking or reservation when applying online.

The Malaysian tourist visa is available for Chinese and Indian nationals alone and can be obtained easily online.

Indian tourists wishing to stay less than 28 days in Myanmar can also apply online. You will need a valid passport, digital passport photo and answer a few personal questions online.

Note: Remember that when you travel with the eVisa that you can ONLY enter Myanmar through the following Ports of Entries: Yangon International Airport, Mandalay International Airport, Nap Pyi Taw International Airport

Sri Lanka
All Indian travelers are required to get a Sri Lanka visa online before they arrive. The Sri Lankan ETA will be sent via email in as little as 30 minutes. Your ETA will be valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in Sri Lanka and will allow 2 entries.

By the way while you are in Sri Lanka, do check out the beaches that it's famous for, especially the Mirissa Beach!

Indian tourist can get the Turkey tourist visa completely online. There are a few disclaimers associated with your application.  You must agree and confirm the following:
1. You hold travel documents in accordance with your travel purposes, (Return ticket, hotel reservation, adequate financial means, business contact if traveling for business).
2. Adequate financial means (at least $50USD per day).
3. You have a valid passport, which will allow you to return to your country of residence, valid for at least 6 months beyond your departure from Turkey.
4. You must state that you are traveling for the purpose of tourism or business.
5. You should have a valid Schengen visa OR a valid visa from any of the OECD member countries (including Canada, USA or UK); OR have a valid residence permit of a Schengen or OECD country.

While you are at it, check out this short guide to Istanbul: Istanbul in a day!

Note: Please note that e-Visas of other countries are not accepted as a supporting documents.

All Indian nationals can apply for the Vietnam visa approval letter (also called a pre-approved visa on arrival). This allows travelers to get the Vietnam visa on arrival. The approval letter will be delivered via email and needs to be printed. Once you arrive in Vietnam, you will be able to get a visa on arrival at the official government cost of $25 USD (single entry) or $50 USD (multiple entry), which is payable upon entry to Vietnam.

Note: This approval letter can ONLY be used for airport arrivals.

How do I apply for an eVisa? 

You can apply online in 3 simple steps.

One, complete a short application form online on the iVisa Site (Add your affiliation link)
Two, receive your confirmation email. After that you will receive the visa via email,
Three, print your document
Four, that your visa and show it to the immigrations officers.
Its that simple.

Apply online today here!

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